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Latest update : 19 November.

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    Le site de l’Association Citoyenne Intercommunale des Populations concernées par le projet d’Aéroport de Notre Dame des Landes.

  • Collectif Nantais Contre l’Aéroport

    Le CNCA est un collectif nantais présent sur la lutte de l’aéroport depuis maintenant plusieurs années. Nous nous sommes rencontréEs autour de la lutte contre le projet d’aéroport. Nous souhaitions porter cette lutte au cœur de la métropole Nantaise. Assez vite lors de nos discussions, nous nous sommes renduEs compte que la question de l’aéroport n’était qu’un maillon de projets bien plus larges qui touchent tous les territoires et leurs habitantEs entre Nantes et St Nazaire.

  • Comité antirépression issu de la lutte contre l’aéroport

    Le groupe d’antirépression de Nantes

  • Naturalistes en lutte

  • Occupation militante ou militaire ?

    Un blog d’habitant-e-s de la ZAD.

Articles in this section

  • Communiqué from the Black Anchor in Fay de Bretagne

    20 October

    L’Ancre Noire (the Black Anchor) is at Fay-de-Bretagne, 35km away from Nantes and 10km away from ZAD de Notre-dame-des-Landes. It’s a squatted farm and social re-insertion center, that opposes institutional mediation and proposes the search of anarchic ways for the zone.

  • News from Grow Heathrow: 7th birthday AND support in court

    21 January

    Dear Supporters, Is it too late to wish you all a very happy new year? Happy New Year. We hope you’re having a restful winter season. We wanted to share a slew of dates and events with you as 2017 gets going. Our 7th Birthday! As the year turns, so our birthday looms! This March Grow Heathrow will be turning 7 years old, and we’d like to invite you to come and celebrate with us from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th, with our main celebratory day on Saturday the 4th March. But don’t just attend- (...)

  • No 3rd runway demonstration

    14 November 2016

    The time is now! Heathrow’s 3rd runway has been given the go ahead by our government. This is the first chance to make our voices heard loud and clear: We’ve defeated plans for a 3rd runway before, we’ll do it again. No compromises. Meeting at 11:30 outside the Three Magpies Pub, Bath Road, TW6 2AU. Make it colourful. . . come to sing, dance and shout. Banners! Share this event, spread it on your networks: (...)

  • [Calais] Eviction starting soon

    23 October 2016

    After the meeting on october 20th between the prefecture and the associations about CAO, we know how the prefecture will organise the eviction. The eviction will start monday, 24th of october ( with the first buses). Destruction will start on tuesday the 25th. The creation of the sorting center on Rue des Garennes is confirmed. People will pass by the sorting center before being divided onto buses going to CAOs all around the country. All the people still in the area, refusing to go to (...)

  • Open letter to NoDAPL Struggle

    15 September 2016

    Dear Water Protectors, I write to you knowing that I have more to learn from your centuries of resistance to colonization than I could ever offer you myself. When I talk about land defense, it’s on the scale of four thousand acres, not the scale of continents. Yet I see many similarities to a struggle I’ve been involved in and want to share my reflections in the hope that you can sidestep our mistakes without having to make them yourselves. I don’t intend to propose a model, only some (...)

  • Nouvelle traduction : Nouvelle traduction : Ventimiglia

    14 July 2016

    from: WITHOUT BORDERS: camping against borders in Ventimiglia and surroundings After the eviction on September, the 30th of the self-organized camp that was born during the summer at «Balzi Rossi», the arrival in Ventimiglia of people travelling to the French border has never been arrested. In April 2016 the Minister Alfano arrived on a visit to Ventimiglia, declaring its intention to “solve the problem and clean up the city by migrants.” The (...)

  • Call for an International Day of Mobilization

    12 May 2016

    YES TO THE UNCONDITIONAL RECEPTION OF MIGRANTS NO TO THEIR DEPORTATION TO THE ERDOGAN ’S FASCIST TURKEY CALL FOR AN INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MOBILIZATION ON SATURDAY MAY 21 ST After handing over the migrants to smugglers’ business and making Greece a trap for refugees, by stubbornly refusing to let them in to its territory through legal routes and by ratifying the sealing of the route across the Balkans, the European Union gets involved today into a true shameful barter. The agreement signed (...)

  • Solidarity Demo for Grow Heathrow in Court

    11 May 2016

    Dear friends, Good news! We are pleased to announce that both we and Lewdown Holdings’ solicitors have agreed to an adjournment to the trial until after the end of July 2016. We are awaiting the final words from the court, but the SOLIDARITY DEMONSTRATION HAS BEEN CANCELLED for the convenience of our supporters. We still plan to organise a demonstration in support of Grow Heathrow outside Uxbridge County Court on the date of the new trial, so please do keep in touch with the campaign for (...)

  • Zad everywhere : claims of the sabotage on vinci Eurovia in Limoges, france, 26 January 2016

    1 February 2016

    eurovia: die! as vinci or as AREVA shit multinationals and all your associates your pals in the ministries, your slaves in the bulldozers your concreters under oath and your lobotomized robocops from Notre Dames des Landes to Val de Suza from Flamanville to Fuckushima it seems you are determined to make this earth a garbage bin and it’s not rémi fraisse that will stop you and it’s not a state of emergency that will stop us anonymous and any we are everywhere down with the airport (...)

  • Call out for support from the Hambach Forest !

    16 January 2016

    Dear friends, if you’ve following the Hambach Forest blog ( you might read about the things RWE is planning to do in the next two last month of cutting season (january & february 2016). If not read the following alerted. In the passed three month they already cut down a lot of the forest and three People sat in jail for 1 1/2, one even for 2 1/2 month. Fortunately they are out again. But the cutting season is not finished jet and it will go on until (...)

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