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Latest update : 28 November.

Ce site recueille des voix du mouvement d’occupation. Des voix plutôt que la voix : nous sommes une multitudes de groupes et d’individus avec des idées communes mais aussi beaucoup de différences.

Dans cette rubrique vous trouverez :
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- des récit de la Chat Teigne
- des réflexions de fond
- le fameux journal "Lèse Béton"
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- voir plein d’autres choses...

Articles in this section

  • ZAD-NDDL If they come back... - Call out, flyers and poster

    18 October, by zadist

    ZAD NDDL- If they come back, we’ll resist even harder! The government has declared they won’t wait for the end of the legal appeals process against the airport project. This means they are breaking the agreements they made in 2012 and 2014. They pretend that they want to come evict the ZAD to be able to begin work on the airport. This new police intervention could hypothetically begin early next year, in the weeks following the COP 21 in Paris, to make sure to be as hypocritical as possible. (...)

  • Declaration of an Autonomous Zone by ZAD NDDL in Solidarity with Kurdistan

    27 September, by zadist

    The ZAD declares itself “autonomous”, as did some municipalities in northern Kurdistan (Turkey) in response to the war declared by the Turkish government. These towns are already experiencing some degree of self-management, self-governance, autonomy so. Faced with fierce attacks against civilians by special forces police and army, several neighborhood assemblies have decided to declare themselves autonomous, deny the legitimacy of the state and its repressive forces. Declaration of (...)

  • Check our SSL && email GPG key certificates

    18 July, by zadist

    SSL webcertificat Email GPG How to check our Website SSL Certificate to verify our website hosted by our friends at "", the "Root CA", can be found here with the corresponding GPG signature. If you already have our GPG-Key, you can verify the signature on Linux in the terminal : wget wget gpg —verify immer-ca.crt.asc If the above was succesfull you can import the (...)

  • A comrade killed at Testet – Callout for protests against the violence of the government – at Nantes and elsewhere

    30 October 2014, by zadist

    Rémi, 21 years old, died in the night of Saturday-Sunday in Sivens. According to several corroborating accounts, he collapsed a few meters from the camp, having been shot in the shoulder, and was immediately picked up by the police. Was it a ‘flash-ball’ gun or, more likely, a ‘grenade désencerclement’ (similar to a stun grenade), projected from a launcher? Only the police know who’s concealing the truth. They claim that there were no injuries among the protestors, while the medic team says that (...)

  • Testimony received since February 22nd

    27 February 2014, by zadist

    Testimony received since February 22nd : I was at the demo, Saturday in Nantes, and I was taken hostage by unacceptable acts of violence. From the morning, barricades were erected in the center of the city, which disturbed public order and prevented the demonstration from following it’s planned path. Only one hour after the beginning of the march, the crowd found itself blocked by one of these barricades and the flying projectiles which were soon coming from two sides. From that moment (...)

  • In the grove, and elsewhere, resistance and sabotage

    25 February 2014, by zadist

    The 16th of October 2012, first day of "Operation César", a failed attempt to evict us from the zone, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Christian de Lavernée declared to mainstream media: "If the state can’t take back the zone, then we should be worried for the state". The state should be very worried and should die by its cause! One year and a half later, we are still here. Our rage and determination stay intact because of this so called democracy, totally dedicated to the cause and interest (...)

  • ZAD, France: This is not a camp

    27 January 2014, by zadist

    Following various announcements for a possible start of construction of the Notre Dame des Landes airport, a series of articles were released in the press that pretty much regurgitated copy-pasted clichés. One of these articles caught our attention notably. In almost all the articles that would preach the possible eviction and the final catastrophe of ZAD we read “200 people, alter-globalists, continue to camp in ZAD.” The figure might seem rough. The term “alter-globalists” is not a term that (...)

  • Speech of inhabitants during the Forum against useless projects

    7 August 2013, by zadist

    Friends from here, friends from elsewhere- Everyone knows that a territory is defended with its inhabitants, and that a territory emptied of it’s population is easy to conquer. It’s anyways for this reason that a callout was made public on mayday 2008 for occupying the land injustly appropriated by the promoters of this project. The strategy paid off. The bulldozer of progress doesn’t pass as easily as planned. It’s now 2012 and the works have been heavily delayed. Our common enemies (...)

  • Coming to the ZAD...or not?

    16 June 2013, by zadist

    Contribution to the discussions about the welcome-space Welcoming visitors has been part of life on the ZAD for years, the reverberations made by the struggle against the airport and its world since the attempted evictions last autumn makes us scared that the ZAD will become the activist holiday destination this summer. It is a divisive question currently being discussed amongst the occupants. We felt the need to share “our analysis” so everyone could draw the conclusions they find most (...)

  • the collective individual

    18 March 2013, by zadist

    I wrote this into respons of what goes around and with me on the zad. Everyone has his reality, bagage to care and fights to fight. This is how i ’sea’ change. i see this dark and twisted society created by a manipulating minority and accepted by a blindfolded majority that is supporting this grotesque insanity under control of powerful illusions and feared brutality they are silently receiving shiny objects for their slavery automatically forced to kill themselfs by corrupting their (...)

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