Zone A Défendre
Tritons crété-e-s contre béton armé

Who are we?

Website of the ZAD occupation - where the future airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes is planned to be.

The ZAD - to the developers it is the Zone d’Aménagement Différé’, the differed development zone and for us it’s a Zone À Défendre: a zone to be defended. Either way, it’s a part of the countryside close to Nantes in France, which according to the decision-makers should make way for an international aiport.

Their construction project "Grand Ouest" is an economic platform of international importance stretching from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, which will form a singular, huge metropolis. Fulfilling this project means taking over the sky, the sea and the land in replacing the current airport in Nantes with a new one at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, but also enlarging the port at Saint-Nazaire and constructing new roads and highways...

Our goals, in coming to live here on the proposed site of the airport, are many: to live on a protest site, where we can be close to those who’ve been opposing the project for 40 years and to have the power to act when construction happens; to make use of abandoned spaces to learn to live together, to cultivate the land and to be more autonomous from the capitalist system.

Most texts and infos are published in french and everything is not always translated, sorry. So if you want to be sure wether there’s new info, have a look on the french website. Also, if you want to help translating, you can get in touch with us !



Campaign News

  • Tuesday, April 24: "Meanwhile, in the East of the Zad..."

    28 April

    Tuesday, April 24: "Meanwhile, in the East of the Zad..." [Source page:] Some voices from the East, to tell what is happening when everything is supposed to be "calmer" Eyewitness accounts from the ZAD – see here: 21h50min Because we don’t let them beat us, we continue to rap! Here is the piece of Tuesday, 17 April, mixed as it should be. (...)

  • Thursday, April 26 : Early reports from the...

    28 April

    Thursday, April 26 : Early reports from the situation on the zad 23h44min Because the Chèvrerie will not fall, despite armoured vehicles, bulldozers, grenades, ministers and presidents... Here is a nice account aout life in this place, made by people on the spot. Photos and a short film about the living spaces of the ZAD. Videos & Images A bunch of images, sounds, films and readings. From everywhere and about everything. (...)

Practical informations

  • In case of arrest

    9 January 2013

    In case of arrest: If you are arrested, alert the people around you so they can inform the legal team. If you witness an arrest, call the number of the legal team which is on this flyer, and give: a physical description of the person arrested aswell as the clothes they are wearing, aswell as the time, the circumstances and place of the arrest. Never give any name over the telephone, nor any kind of information about the crimes maybe commited (for example: “my friend was doing a tag...”). (...)

  • List of materials that could be useful here

    29 November 2012

    To start, two specific requests in "human resources" .. is looking for a dentist who is willing to receive people free or in exchange for donations and also an osteopath List updated November 28, 2012 * New updates for construction and medic! Bicycles! Caravans for auto-Media and the medic team Boots and Socks Chocolate and tobacco (or we could manage it ourselves) She-pees Oil Lamps (to see after 18h!) aluminum tape We had two forges in the Chestnut plantation and the cops (...)

Groupes de la ZAD


  • Until where will we go with this scam of negociations ??

    28 May

    I haven’t signed the files project nor do i believe in negociation with a State. I don’t want to discuss with this oppressor, i just simply and only want to destroy it. But still I feel concerned by this process of legalisation that includes almost all lands and sites on ZAD, this area that I see as a whole and not only as my little home, this last one today being destroyed anyways. We’re calling negociations the injuctions of the prefect, while I really don’t see when have we been negociating. (...)

  • The Movement is Dead, Long Live... Reform!

    14 May

    The Movement is Dead, Long Live... Reform! This text was written during fall 2017 on the ZAD of Notre-Dame- des-Landes, France. Since then, the situation drastically changed when the government announced on January 17 th , 2018 that they are abandoning the airport project. It may seem obsolete to pub- lish this after the “victory”. But, despite the importance this strug- gle has for me, I didn’t celebrate this victory. I am probably too suspicious and critical about what’s at stake and what’s (...)

Audiovisual ressources

  • Pictures of homes and buildings at the ZAD

    12 April

    So as not to forget, because we don’t want to let them do it, while the military operation launched to attack our homes beginning on 9 April continues, we want to take you on a little tour of the cabins at the ZAD, starting with the ones that have been destroyed in the past few days. BUILDINGS DESTROYED SINCE THE START OF THE EVICTION OPERATION (list not complete, photos added gradually) The group home Les 100 Noms, destroyed 9 April 2018: The agricultural shed and sheepfold at Les 100 (...)

  • When the trees shake

    13 March 2013

    A documentary made by ZAD automedia about the big forest (forêt de Rohanne) before and after the evictions. Soon in better quality and with subtitles that are easier to read :)

Anti Répression

  • relaxe pour JB

    23 juillet

    Le 14 août se tiendra le procès en appel de JB (vous pouvez d’ores-et-déjà noter cette date, un appel à rassemblement suivra) à Rennes. Aidez-nous à préparer sa défense. JB a été arrêté le 16 avril vers 10 heures du matin, à proximité de la barricade de Lascars, entre le carrefour de la Saulce et la Wardine. JB est plutôt fin, pas très grand et il a une tâche de naissance rouge sur une partie du visage. Suite à son arrestation, JB a refusé d’être jugé en comparution immédiate et a attendu en prison son (...)

  • Qu’est-ce qu’il s’est passé au tribunal de Nantes en mai 2018 ?

    3 juin

    Plein de choses, du mépris social à en gerber, etc. mais on va vous parler seulement de procès concernant des manifs à Nantes et des arrestations sur la ZAD pendant les expulsions qui sont toujours en cours... On a assisté à 20 procès depuis le 9mai (pour la situation en avril, voir :, qui faisaient suite à des arrestations sur la zad en avril et mai, ou pendant les manifs à Nantes en avril. Pour exemple, voici un compte-rendu d’un des procès du mois : (...)

Vinci & cie

Comrades in struggle

  • Camping Passamontagna

    28 August

    PASSAMONTAGNA FROM THE 19TH TO THE 23RD OF SEPTEMBER Five days of struggle against borders On the French-Italian border, on the mountains between Bardonecchia and Claviére The system of border control is much more than an imaginary line. It is a system of control that selects and divides, that opens and closes according to economic and political interests. A system, which allows commodities and capital to flow freely and which blocks and pushes back those who are not considered “useful”. (...)

  • risk of eviction at Hambach Forest

    28 August

    The Hambacher Forst next to Cologne is an old Forest in one of the biggest coal mine in Germany. Now RWE starts to prepare the next cutting saison. The Information was spread that the police will start the eviction of the tree houses and infrastructures from the 22.08. till the 22.9. so that RWE can start in the cutting saison directly. Its very likely that when they start this year in the cutting saison that at the end of the cutting saison (end of february) the forest is gone. So there (...)