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Either they kick us out, or they leave! (and if they kick us out, we’ll come back!)

Thursday 23 May 2013

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The day before the "Sème Ta ZAD" demonstration the riot police (gendarmes mobiles) left the junction of the Fosses Noires/Chemin de Suez.

During 2 days, this junction, centre of the ZAD, became what it used to be: a place where people passed, discussed, a meeting point. During these days, hundreds of people were on the ZAD, tools in hand.

On Sunday we celebrated the end of the military occupation. An ephemeral dream or a reality of the days to come?

For over 141 days we, people living in the centre of the ZAD, are trapped between two police roadblocks. Our everyday life has become the blue, the police. Not a day goes by without being confronted with their presence. Without being controlled, searched, humiliated. We don’t have the choice to avoid them. Our children go to school, some have professional activities. No more cycle rides, no more quite walk, neighbours and friends don’t dare to come visit anymore. The place where we and our children live has become a confinement zone, in silence, since the weekend of 15 December 2012.

Should we continue to suffer without reacting when there is no legitimacy and relevance to their presence? We don’t think so! We should lift our heads, unite and reject this charade!

The official pretext of the police to block this junction hasn’t stopped people bringing food to the ZAD, gas, flammable and construction material. The real objective is rather to give the impression that they control the zone, to contain the struggle on the edges of the ZAD, to put psychological pressure and to create a constant repression causing a permanent tension. During a control, when we can’t deal with it anymore and we express our rage, the polices answer systematically is: “You should just leave”. This represents another, more insidious form of eviction, in a time where the dialogue commission had asked to stop the interventions during the period of its investigation.

Their little comedy “the dialogue commission” has ended, the conclusion should be clear now: Either they kick us out or they leave!

It is obvious that we won’t let us occupy like this anymore: If they come back to ours, we will go to theirs!

A few months ago, a call-out was made to occupy places in power in case of an attack on the ZAD. However, the ZAD is inhabited over its entire surface, and you can’t live in a place without its roads, fields and the links they make. We consider that a military reoccupation of the junction would be a direct attack on our home and therefor call decentralised actions. Whether by occupations of places in power or strategic junctions or any other type of action considered appropriate.

Inhabitants that resist