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Boreholes on the ZAD: Developers, you’re in trouble… up to your necks!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

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Boreholes on the ZAD: Developers, you’re in trouble… up to your necks!

Since Monday 10 June, boreholes have been made on several places on the ZAD. After the so-called dialogue commission, the scientific commission asked AGO/VINCI to start complementary studies to know more about the hydrography of the area. The purpose of these studies is probably to count the amount of ponds – made with tarpoline – and artificial farmland they would have to reconstruct a bit further, in accordance with the law on water, an absurd legislation in the name of green capitalism that only moves the disaster.

Every day for the past week and yesterday, people have come together at 11AM at La Gaite to oppose these drillings. Some attempts of disruption took place already here and there. This morning, 18 June, a last drilling was meant to start at the place called “Culnoues”, but we were there to welcome them how they should be welcomed. We are, more than ever, ready to get organised to oppose these boreholes, by all means.

- the track going towards l’Epine was barricaded and traps had been put in place to prevent the machines and the riot police to access. This morning, at 7h15, a representative of the prefect arrived, accompanied by lots of riot police present in the area. Given the refusal of those present to pass and start the drilling, they left again. Around 9h15 there was no police anymore to be seen in the area.

- Manure had been placed where the drilling was meant to happen, because the Environmental Code prohibits drilling less than 35 meters around the storage of animal excretion. AGO/VINCI drilling there would cause pollution of the groundwater. The spreading of the manure has been done so that hay can still be produced on the plot.

- Almost all the piezometers (a device used to measure static liquid) put in place last week were sabotaged, making the statements that experts have to make in three weeks’ time useless.

- The determination and unity of the movement against the airport and its world make the holding of these additional studies impossible. We don’t need experts to tell us that this project is absurd. We don’t want any dialogue nor negotiation, and we are not waiting to be invited around a table to say “for fuck sake!”. Fuck AGO/VINCI, DREAL (regional office for the environment, development and housing) and all the decision makers.

Developers, know that your work doesn’t start, and that you will have to start over at every stage, here as everywhere else, from Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to Val de Suse, from Greece to Taksim!

We affirm our solidarity with these struggles; send all our courage to the comrades who are fighting today in Turkey.

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