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„Build Resistance“ Skill-Sharing Camp

Saturday 8 March 2014

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This April there will be a skill sharing for two weeks on the oc­cupa­ti­on of the Ham­ba­cher Forst/ Ham­bach Fo­rest. We want to let grow a big di­ver­si­ty of dif­fe­rent theo­re­ti­cal and prac­tical work­shops, di­s­cus­sions, pre­sen­ta­ti­ons,ac­tions and so on. Ever­y­bo­dy is in­vi­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te, to bring in own ideas, to share some skills, to offer work­shops, to pre­sent so­me­thing or to ex­press her_his dis­plea­su­re about the de­struc­tion of na­tu­re and op­pres­si­on in crea­ti­ve way.

The camp has a eman­ci­pa­to­ry de­mand. It shall give us the pos­si­bi­li­ty to share ex­pe­ri­en­ces, to con­nect, to learn to­ge­ther and also from each other and hope­ful­ly to come a step clo­ser to a world wi­thout do­mi­nan­ce: A world in which we take the re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty for our­sel­ves and our be­ha­vi­our and ac­tions, in which we don‘t take or­ders no­bo­dy and in which we can‘t com­mand no­bo­dy neit­her, a world in which we live to­ge­ther wi­thout any kind of dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on, in free agree­ments and mu­tu­al aid, try­ing to self-​or­ga­ni­ze and self-​sub­sist our­sel­ves.

There are al­re­a­dy some work­shops pl­an­ned, such as: in­su­la­ti­on of walls with adobe, knit­ting masks, collect wild-​growing her­ba­ge and dif­fe­rent forms of ac­tion, for ex­amp­le: samba, ac­tion clim­bing, buil­ding tri­pods, …

If pos­si­ble plea­se take with you a tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad and wind- and rain-​pro­o­fed clo­thes be­cau­se we have only a li­mi­ted num­ber of sleeping pla­ces. Also it would be nice, if you could cont­ri­bu­te with some food (maybe go dumps­ter-​di­ving some days be­fo­re). But this is not a must!

See you in April!

Love, so­li­da­ri­ty and an­ar­chy!!!

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