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cyclocamp 2015

Tuesday 3 March 2015

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A transnational self-organised DIT gathering of autonomous bike workshops, bike enthusiasts & activists, bike collectives and communities

After Linz, Grenoble, Leipzig, Rome and Timisoara, La Wouardine is to have the pleasure of hosting the 2015 edition of Cyclocamp Transnational

Over the course of 10 days, the hangars of La Wouardine will house bike mechanic meetings of the craziest kind imaginable: tall bikes, bike blenders, cargo bikes, tricycles, tandem cargo bikes, trailers and more.

And not a moment too soon, because this is something that is greatly lacking on the zad. We are all well aware of the fact that we are in the midst of a petrol war, which has created power struggles all over the world (and in France we know very well how to use this to our advantage) We also know that this war causes thousands of deaths, either directly or in-directly, every single day; yet we all still occasionally use vehicles for short journeys and errands.

Cyclocamp will therefore be the moment to make inspired machines, brilliant bicycles with which we can carry kilos upon kilos easily! We will also be creating pedal-powered machines for grating vegetables, beating butter, washing clothes, sharpening knives…

But we won’t pass all of our time getting our hands dirty, will also be:

- Talking about how bikes can crush cars and save the world,
- Screen-printing
- Learning to make pannier sacks
- Making jewellery, seat belts and lampshades
- have fun time with children
- Playing silly bike games
- Watching films about bicycles
- Performing improvised singing concerts
- Getting bicycle related tattoos
- Honk Honk (Pouet Pouet) etc etc…

This is a self-organised event, so if you would like to see or do something, bring it with you : films to project, canvases and (water based) paint, screen-printing equipment, and all kinds of materials and ideas

There will be tools, lots of bike frames, and vegan lunch/dinner provided

If it is possible to bring: a few tools, some bicycle related consumables, scrap metal (we mainly need tubes), welding rods, angle-grinder discs, or a few nuts and bolts (or even a pot of jam, coffee, peanut butter, or some chocolate…) that would be great!

And even better: If you could let us know in advance that you will be coming it will make it much easier for the vegan kitchen that will be feeding us over the 8 days to stock up on supplies

cyclocamp2015 arobaz

You can com with children !

Wardine is located at "Saint-Antoine", just in th south of "Forêt de Rohanne" on this map

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If you come by bike from nantes the more simple :
- you can follow the tramway 3 to the north "Sillon de Bretagne"
- when you see the direction orvault bourg you take this one
- it’s always straight
- you can follow the bike road orvault
- when you are in orvault bourg you take D42 road to La Paquelais
- then always straigt when you go out of La Paquelais you don’t take the direction notre dame des landes it’s gone to east of zad and we are on west
- So you take on left the not allowed road called the barricade road After you go on left and just 2km all straigt and you are arrived !!!

If you prefer ride on little roads you have an other way with a little bit more km: After Orvault Bourg you turn left after "La Chapelle des Anges" you can looking for and follow this sign each cross road

When you are on zad, you will feel it !!! But it’s uge : 11 km east-west and 3 km north-south and about 60 occupied places, a big village ! you just ask for the Wardine everyone knows Here it’s a map of all zad with all the occupied places, ( and don’t be afraid there are no more cops there) it’s a old map, and no a big folder so you can’t read anymore It’s just to have an idea