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They put us out onto the street, we’ll occupy the road!

Saturday 27 October 2012

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Yesterday, during the night of the 26th October, we liberated a part of the road between Vigneux-de-Bretagne and Les Ardillères, and made it into a area for free expression. To protect this newly liberated space we made some barricades in our style. We’re certainly hindering the movement of machines and cars that run on oil, but we opened this space for the free movement of the people and natural species which are often crushed by these machines.

For two weeks the ZAD has been cordened off by hundreds of police and the military who block the roads and crossings. People have been thrown out of their homes by force, and they have had to endure seeing their homes and communal living spaces destroyed. Eleven places have already been wiped out by the state for the benefit of Vinci, and other evictions and destructions are planned for this week.

They throw us out onto the street, so we’re taking it on ourselves to occupy it! In occupying the street, we’re creating a fleeting moment in this struggle against the Grand West Aeroport project. It’s a moment together for those who participate in this struggle, and a moment to show that even if the houses are evicted and destroyed, the collective gardens and vegetable plots obliterated, that doesn’t undermine our determination. Join us to celebrate and party, share moments of joy and rage. We want to share a moment together on these roads that are crossed at top speed, and we want to take the time to exchange our ideas and and initiatives to stop ourselves from just running headlong into the abyss.

They surround us and cross the whole area controlling the roads. We respond by blocking this crossroads they take to evict us. The destroy our homes, our cabins, and we destroy the route by which they carry machines that do the dirty work. They think they can get rid of us, of our struggle against the aeroport and its world. They should know that every time they chase us out we will come back and reoccupy. We’re partying in a place that paralyzes their work, in houses they seal off, on the roads they build, in the forests they want to cut down. We will not sit by and watch them destroy everything in silence. We will dance and sing on their ruins until they put an end to the organized looting of the world.

The enraged inhabitants of the D81 !