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FLASH INFO on the situation 24 of october

Saturday 27 October 2012

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thanks to E for the translation

22h-23h : Cops have been on the side of the barricade of la Gaité and also an engin on the side of la Forêt de Rohane : the coming of the people made the engine go back on the truck !

19h : it seems the day is over... So some good news before going to bed : nearly 70 people have gathered in Saint Nazaire tonight against expulsions, airport and all the rest ! A big solidarity collection have been made ; clothes, material to rebuild... la Pointe has been delivered from the bricks yesterday night (read on Indymedia) : « We wanted to go home tuesday night in la Pointe, not far from Notre-Dame-des-Landes, and there we realised that a few loosers have blocked all the place opened with perpend. We don’t know why they did this, but it took us hours to cut the perpend to be able to go in. » We say that we don’t know why, but maybe we still have an idea. We have no proof, but it could be the democratical methods of people which think that everything is allowed because they have a lot of money and they hope that in putting people away from their home, they can build the territory to get even more money. We hope that this kind of « joke » will not exist again because it was too annoying to clean all the rubbish behind. If we find the people who did this, it’s going to end badly. » and a news really less joyfull : we just learned that a person which was there in la Gaité yesterday, and from which a cop tried to take the camera, is suffering from several breaks of the hand and has a ITT of 21 days

17h56 : cops are in the small wood near la Gaité

17h50 : there is some movement on the side of the barricades of the Boissière, which have been put to block the dump trucks before the road

16h14 : The asbestos work are taking place again on the roof of Liminbout. A work inspectr-ess has comeby : the worker on the roof is now using a harness and and the driver of the manitou is now also protected.

15h55 : In Liminbout, all the work is blocked ! A dump truck should carry the asbestos away, but apparently it couldn’t charge it and had to go away quickly. YEP !

15H50 : Urgent : a Vinci office clerk would be needing a taxi ! He was escorting an ex neighbour who came to pick up some of his things near what was his house (the one which has been reoccupied last friday and then destroyed), though his car would be now damaged. Our neighbour’s mood is not so bad !

15h15 : The work inspector has arrived, the work stopped immediately … SMALL VICTORY !!

15h : the inspector of work of the departement was called in the concern of the work of removing the asbestos in Liminbout : the work are being done without protecting the neighbourhood (no canva sheet) and with an incomplete protection of the worker on the roof (no protection glasses). They’ve send somebody there.

14h43 : A truck arrives in Liminbout with a digger ; in Fosses Noires on the crossroad with the road of the Sècherie, and also a VINCI truck with a digger

14h23 : The destruction work continue in la Gaité ; 2 dump trucks and 2 cop trucks are driving on the road of Vigneux-Ardillières.

vers 14h : A manitou is patroling on the Fosses Noires in direction La Saulce.

13h35 : In Liminout, it’s the noon brake. The work to remove the asbestos are still going on, well surrounded by the cops and some comrades there.

13h : We still here the working machines destroying la Gaité.

12h39 : reinforcement of cops near la Boissières

12h13 : it’s confirmed : the work in Liminbout are not really securised, there is no canva sheet between the house and the neighbor’s house !! it should make the work illegal !! We are calling the work inspector to inform them and ask if they were told about the asbestos work going on and if they wanted to go there to verify the accordance of the work. If you see some weird things going on, shoot pictures... CALL to the people near Liminbout or la Gaité : If you are there and you see the workers without protection (special clothes and masks) and manipulation at the open air materials with asbestos, this work is illegal. What’s more, a document which explains how the work of removing asbestos will be doe should have been given 5 weeks before the work with the work inspector , of the CRAM (Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie) and the OPPBTP (Organisme Professionnel de Prévention du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics). Firm up details : for a removing of asbestos, the zone must be confined (installation of big canva shee around the house, so that the asbestos don’t spread), the workers shoud be all protected (overalls, masks, etc), they have to go through 3 (or 5 it depends) airlocks before going in/ or out of the zone where they can dress and undress and throw there protection material which can be used once, etc.). If you don’t see all this, a work inspector can stop the work in name of the Code du Travail and the protection of the people (notably workers).

11h18 : blockroad near la Boissières

To follow also : In direc with the court in NANTES : audience expulsion NDDL

11 h : the work continue in Liminbout and in la Gaité (there is no trafic between Boissières and l’Epine). A dump truck has been seen between Paquelais and Ardillières

10h21 : there are some demonstrators in Liminbout. The house isn’t attacked yet, they are removing the asbestos.

10h18 : the helicoptere is coming, « We could interrupt France Culture radio to read a statement : It’s live. You’ll here it at around 15mn30 of the emission L’invité des matins 2ème partie »

10h12 : Dump trucks with militaries seen between la Boissière et l’Epines. Probably to take the rest of the Gaité from us away, pieces of walls with our messages on them... During this time, we are having fun reading the Press, here is a small extract : « .. This tuesday, she and her friends had as weapons … the cows of the neighbour, they made them run, and than re-route, aiming the militaries. These frightened them with their sirens and flashing light. » For having witnessed the situation, on the contrary we can say that the only lively frightened by this scenario were the militaries. A little bit later, in absence of the press, it were also the militaries who cut the fences of the co fields, as a result, there were many cows on the road . Hurra to the militaries !!

9:56 : The houses are being destroyed, but we’ll still be there and we are preparing lots of things for the next days !! Far from giving up our resistance : each place being destroyed will have a strong and unexpected answer ! The Pro Aeroports are taking advantage of the repression in Notre dame des Landes, see HERE CALL to the cyberactivistes : you know what to do !!

9h33 : Liminbout- its confirmed, they begun to destroy the back house (near the rabbit’s cage). Gaité : we here noise of working machines finishing their dirty work of yesterday.

9h13 : they are 3 dump trucks from la Paquelais in direction Ardillières

8h58 : Liminbout : it seems the house is destroyed, there is the manitou, white truck and trailer like yesterday at la Gaité. In la Gaité or what is left, there are also actions, that’s why cops put some blockades at l’Epines and la Boissière. Impossible to pass between Notre dame des Landes -La Paquelais

8h39 : not only 4 vans, but also a car and a truck with dogs protecting the militaries, or the contrary, who knows... They said there that they want to do work in the house

8h33 : In Liminbout they are 4 military vans

8h12 : convoy of 18 vans escorted by a demolition agent and a dump truck direction Notre dame des landes

8h06 : a convoy of 2 cop cars, one small and one big on the road of La Paquelais and Ardillières, escorted by 3 dump trucks

8h12 : 18 military van , un demolition agent and dump trucks are moving in direction Notre dame des Landes 8h00 : they are moving, a few patrol direction Préfaillit

7h50 : So no, they are here, there are a lot of cops on Ardillières crossroad in direction Temple de Bretagne (Pré faillit)

7h30 : All is peacefull for the moment, it’s early in the morning it’s still dark outside. Today will be a resting day ? No, their dirty work isn’t done, far from that... because WE ARE STILL THERE, WE LIVE HERE, WE STAY HERE :