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FLASH INFO on the situation 26 of october

Monday 29 October 2012

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1h59 : good night and see you tomorrow !:)

00h39 : the party continues , road is blocked! :) We have confirmation that the activist woman that had her camera out by a military on tuesday night in la Gaité has a broken finger on the left hand, 21 days off of work, and she went to register a complaint in Blain’s police office on thursday night.

23h : Everything is going on well, no bad visits on the ground of ZAD resistance party:) while i’m reading press, i’m wondering if Holland can still sleep peacefully ?...

21h57 : There’s a demo which just passed in front of our house, with a batucada and we don’t know how many people behind walking in La Saulce direction, it seems there will be a little party going on …:) and also : ►SIGN this petition agains the airport : If you still didn’t read that : DECLARATION SOLENNELLE - Projet d’aéroport de Notre-Dame des Landes Greenpeace France, Attac France, Agir pour l’Environnement, Réseau Action Climat France, Les Amis de la Terre, Confédération paysanne, Générations Futures, Solidaires, Paysages de France, Droit au Logement, Fédération Nationale des Associations d’Usagers des Transports, Ecologie sans Frontières have met to express themselves together on current situation in Notre Dame des Landes.

17h48 : we get ready for the beginning of the week of resistance against eviction, nothing is really happening with the cops. Better:) we stay there behind computers to tell you about tonight... party will start soon .

16h41 : we’ve got the impression that the pack of cops is gone for the week end from les Ardillières, this is good, we ain’t gonna miss them, we can start the resistance week , TONIGHT 21 o’clock in la Vache rit !!! comeand join us, boots on front lamp and go !!!

15h20 : Cops in Ardillières are gone towards Notre dame des landes, apparently they were with the scientific cops (the one taking care of DAN for example), cops are patrolling also towards Liminbout. INFO ; it’s possible to give material to la ZAD by putting it in Centre Culturel Libertaire, 4 rue de Colmar à Lille, wednesdays and saturdays between 15h et 18h.

14h45 : by chance we learn why they came over there : the house has been re-opened yesterday ! Some cop vans drive in direction Vigneux

14h29 : they are in the garden of the house on the crossroad, looking for smthg

14h25 : They arrived on the crossroad of Ardillières, blocking the crossroad, they are in front of the house of our friends over there.

14h23 : The cop vans from NDL are going in direction Ardillières, beware !!!

14h12 : there are 5 vans on la place de la poste in NDL getting ready...

13h52 : Cops seem very busy with the eviction of our friends in le lieu unique in Nantes ? Solidarity with them !! We think about you !!

11h30 : the car , which was bue, has been seen recolored on side of Paquelais... it seems they ran into easter colored eggs

10h20 : a militarie’s car with physionomist is patrolling around

9h30 : verdict of the judge enforcement of sentences : Le Rosier got an extension to the 15 november La Sécherie to the 27 december !!!!! The call for this WE is still up to stay together defend expelled places, reconstruct and get ready for the next !!

9:00 : few military cars on the horizon

7:00 : ZAD is waking up slowly with the sond of Radio Klaxon distributing extracts of reports of the last days and the jingle of reoccupation (tonight, we’ll know the day!)