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Press release 30th October, 10:30 am... We’re still here !

Tuesday 30 October 2012

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Since 8 am, hundreds of riot policemen tried to evict the occupants of La Saulce in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and met determined resistance from dozens of people, some of them perched in cabins in the trees, others behind barricades built during the weekend on the road D81 *.

At least three opponent were wounded by flash ball guns or stun grenades during the attacks."Once again, I notice that the republic uses offensive weapons to quell the resistance," said Gael, who was here during the attacks.Contrary to what has been announced, Le Sabot, the garden which was collectively occupied during a demonstration on May the 7th, 2011, as well as the surrounding areas including Les Cent Chênes and Le Far West were not evicted.

On this Tuesday, COPAIN 44 (Collective of professional agricultural organisations outraged by the airport project ) called people to go to Le Sabot and take part in the struggle against the destruction of the land. More than two hundred people and tractors are already standing in front of the the townhall of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. They’re going to try and get to Le Sabot.

* "They throw us out onto the street, so we live with it and occupy ! By occupying the road, we generate a fleeting moment in this fight against the airport Grand ouest.It’s a time to meet those involved in this struggle, a time to show that even if houses are evicted and destroyed, as well as collective kitchen gardens. This does not undermine our determination."; says the text written last weekend to mark the construction of barricades on the road D81.

"Contrary to the statements made by the sub-prefect M. Lapouze, who announced that the resistance movement in Notre-Dame-des-Landes was over”, more and more people commit themselves to the protection of this beautiful hedged farmland, and more generally to the fight against the logic underlying this kind of project.Throughout the weekend, hundreds of people came to show their support, brought food, clothes and equipment to participate in this struggle and to settle there for the weeks and months to come. "Said Camille Giloin, 34 years old.

A protest which is to result in the reoccupation of the site is scheduled on Saturday, November 17th. The RDV point is the village center, near the ZAD.