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INFOS to how to join us on the ZAD

Sunday 4 November 2012

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* there is the possibility to get news about what is happening at each moment here on this site where we try to give you regulary news, see FLASH INFO articles. We try also to indicate the road situation and controls, but we can’t assure a full overview considering all points of filtering.

* You can always come to the "Hors contrôle" camp (between "les Domaines" and "La Rolandière" on the D81 between Vigneux and Fay) to eat, to rest, find some warm clothes..etc. There is a little campsite as well just close to the Vache Rit direction Vigneux on the right.

* Come with warm and even better water proof clothes ( and socks ! ) and shoes, headtorches, food and drink, maaloxan, serum for the eyes

* Number of the legal Team : 06 75 30 95 45

* To make your travel and stay on the zad easier, here some maps:

From Expulsions
From Expulsions

MAP 1 et 2 with the state of the zone 19/10: 1, 2

a Map with good resolution to print HERE

How protect against teargas: ICI