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TO READ - practical Informations on the evictions

Sunday 4 November 2012

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Photos of the first week of eviction:

Expulsions, 1ere vague - 16 au 21 octobre 2012

Photos of the second week of eviction:

Expulsions, 2eme vague - 22 au 28 octobre 2012

Photos of the third week of eviction:

Expulsions, 3eme vague - 29 au ...octobre 2012

Photos of solidarity:


diverse Photos of eviction:

Expulsions diverse

Much more photos : ICI

There are still plenty of places occupied (land and two houses), and the occupant-es are always on site, with lot of other people coming to defend the area, and full of messages and actions of solidarity everywhere! It is not their police pressure which will make our protests impotent, acts of resistance will continue until the project will be removed.

HERE the FLASH INFO Articles from day 1 of evictions untill yesterday de Tuesday 16 october, de Wednesday 17, de Thursday 18, de Friday 19, de Saturday 20, de Sunday 21, de Monday 22, de Tuesday 23, de Wednesday 24, de Thursday 25, de Friday 26, de Saturday 27, de Sunday 28, de Tuesday30, de Wednesday 31, de Thursday 1er novembre

Number of the legal Team: 06 75 30 95 45

Press contact : 06 65 67 76 95

Technical Needs look HERE

The following calls have never been that actual than now:

- Callout for Re-Occupation ! the 17 November look HERE to spread massively !
- How to join us easyly ! : voir ICI
- APPEL A OCCUPATION : VOIR ICI Une bonne manière de résister: venir s’installer
- Call out for actions during the moment of eviction of the ZAD VOIR ICI: Rally together, occupy a building or a street, display a message on a placard or banner, disrupt work, sabotage a building site, obstruct traffic routes via demonstrations, hit targets in unexpected places... In short, utilise all means available to overload the opposition.

MAp dating 20/10

From Expulsions

Better quality Map to print HERE

see HERE the material you can bring :

(list updated the 2 November)

- matresses, covers

- dishes: pots (2 or 5 liters), saucepans, jerrycans, plates, washing liquid

- foodd : vinegar, garlic and onions, olive oil, pulses (lentils/chickpeas/beans...), cereals (wheat, couscous), spices (nutmeg, ginger, cumin), easy to carry stuff (cereal bars, dried fruit, chocolate), milk, sugar, honey, marmelade, eggs

- herbal tea end especially verbena, camomille

- Clothes: warm hats, gloves, scarves, face masks, water resistant backpacks, raincoats (with hoods!), rainpants, rainboots

- construction materials: wood (beams, planks, pallets), plastic tarps, straw, corrugated metal, big nails and screws, work gloves, extension cords and surge protecters

- tools: hammers and sledgehammers, saws, chainsaws, hatchets, axes, ropes

- climbing material : rope, carabiner, polypropylene rope of 4 and 10 mm, harness

- water jerrycans, gas bottles, camping gaz, lighter

- tents and caravanes

- medical material : propolis, citro plus, ventoline, malox or xolaam, saline solution/LAW, lemons or lemon juice, band-aids, medical adhesive, cald medication, bandages for blisters, earplugs, medicinal plants and essential oils, green clay

- communication : portable radios, pens, binoculars, batteries (AA and AAA), paint (pink), markers, dry erase markers, walky-talkies, anonymous phones

- bikes and bike repair materials (tire patches, tires, inner tubes)

- communication : transportable radios, pencils, goggles, batteries (AAA et AA), color (rose), markers, walky talkies, ananymous phone

- headtorches

- plastic envelopes to put maps in

- toilet paper, sanitary pads and tampons

- kamikaze music instruments to play on the barricades

you can give money by sending a cheque to the organization :

“Vivre sans aéroport” :

La Primaudière

44130 NDDL

- pour faire un virement :

La Banque postale

Etablissement 20041

n° de compte : 1162852D032

IBAN: FR83 2004 1010 1111 6285 2D03 236


You can subscribe to our mailinglist, but it’s mostly in french apart the stuff being already translated, translation on demand is possible:

Adresse email :
Nom (optionel) :

Other languages

More to read in various languages about the ZAD on Squat!net:
- english [] ENGLISH: you can always help us and send translations to Thanks it’s great !
- french []
- castellano [] CASTELLANO-ES Puedes encontrar muchas traducciones y cronicas traducidas en, si quieres contribuir
- italian [] ITALIANO-IT Puoi trovare molti articoli e cronache tradotte su, se vuoi contribuire
- dutch []
- catalan []

Overview about evicted / destroyed places

Under the eviceted places, at least 6 have been taken back, but meanwhile re-evicted and most of them destroyed. There are meanwhile other places re-occupied that we don’t want to sing it out loud, there are re-constructions of evicted plain air places every moment.

- Friday 19 october evening, a house on the zad just beeing left empty by their habitants got occupied by activists. Look HERE Monday 22, this house has been destroyed, there is just a hole of mud instead...

- Places evicted : la Bellich’, Bel Air, la Gaité, les Planchettes, le Tertre, le Pré Failli, la Pré Faillite et St Jean du Tertre.

- destroyed houses 17 October: les Planchettes, le Tertre

- evicted places Thursady: La Pointe, the collective house of the Rohanne Forrest

- places evicted evicted and destroyed on Friday : l’Isolette and Le Coin

- Destroyed houses sunday 21 october: 2 of 3 houses at the Pré Faillit

- places destroyed on monday 22: an house between La Sècherie and Les Fosses Noires (which was reopened), and one of the houses of La Sècherie (they destroyed the roof and half of the walls)

- places sestroyed on thuesday 23rd : La Gaité and its hangar

- places being destroyed on wendsday 24: le Liminbout ; La Pointe have been reopened

- the house in Liminbout

- destroyed places 30/10 : La Saulce, some of the tresshouses of the Rohanne forrest

- destroyed places 31/10 : Le Sabot, "La cabane des filles", Les 100 chênes, the last resting treehouses of the Rohanne forrest


From Z4D


From Expulsions

Photo: Collectif house of the Bellishroot, burned down by the cops the 17/10: Thank you Bellish ! We passed some excellent moments together !!

More Informations

Photos, Sound and Videos, mostly in english, sorry :

- HERE Callout for Re-Occupation the 17 Novembre 2012
- ICI Propositions et idées d’actions
- The list of collectives created in solidarity and against the Airport and it’s world.
- HERE We need support for the upcoming weeks !
- A letter to the prefect of the region, also worth to read if you’re not prefect ;)HERE

To check out

- The beaty of the ZAD in pictures HERE
- The "harvest" of the Sabot, spread at the Manifesation in Nantes VIDEO
- Reportage of Groix: ZAD de Notre Dame des Landes: Conquer Vin$$i (Reportage 36’)
- A really nice reportage of Rennes ICI
- Article and photos of 2 solidarity demos ICI
- A song created for the Zad in paris at one of the first solidarity demos HERE
- REally nice photos of the Soli demo in NantesICI
- Vinci implantations
- Testimony of a person after being taken down from a tree the 31th October in the Rohanne forrest SOUND
- and the VIDEO of a part of the scene in the tree

Article from Mexico HERE