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FLASH INFO on evictions for 2nd November

Sunday 4 November 2012

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LA MANIF DE REOCCUPATION AURA LIEU LE 17 NOVEMBRE ! On a besoin de vous pour la préparer ! Voir ICI. On vous invite notamment à coller les affiches et tracter pour annoncer ça autour de chez vous.

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Voir PAR LA pour des infos générales, comment venir sur place, photos et vidéos, bilan de la semaine passée, matos à ramener (mis à jour aujourd’hui lundi 29)...

On vous invite à nous rejoindre pour ces prochains jours : invitation pour la "deuxième vague d’expulsion"

Un campement est installé dans un champ, entre la Vache Rit et la Rolandière (sur la D81 entre Les Ardillières et Vigneux) On cherche des chapiteaux, barnums, ou autres structures. On cherche aussi des chauffages à gaz ou pétrole . Faites-nous signe si vous pouvez nous prêter ça !

AIDE/HELP : on en a besoin de traductions en anglais mais également des autres langues. Notamment les Flash infos et l’appel aux actions décentralisées // We could need some help with translations in english but also in other languages, mostly for the flash info since sunday and the call out for decentralized actions !!!!! Thank you !!


RDV quotidiens :
- Notre Dame des Landes, à partir de 9h : permanence sur la place de la poste (local des Syndicats - angle opposé à la Mairie) pour déplacement sur la zone
- Nantes, à partir de 10h : vigie citoyenne au Pont Morand
- Nantes, à 19h à présent un soir sur deux : rassemblement devant la préfecture (les prochains : vendredi 2 novembre, lundi 5, mercredi 7)
- Rennes, à 18h tous les soirs : point à la maison de la grève

RDV a venir : voir aussi l’agenda de l’Acipa ICI. Et pour préparer la manif de réoccupation, il y a besoin de monde : voyez les RDV ICI.

november 2d

- St Brieuc, 09:00 AM, gathering at the market. A regrouping of multiple organisations sent out a communiqué after the beginning of the military operations and citizens gathered spontaneously Tuesday 30th.

- Rennes, 06:30 PM, place de la mairie, solidarity gathering against evictions on the ZAD and against the airport and its world.

- Paris, flyer give out, salon Marjolaine

November 3rd

- Nancy : gathering for the ZAD place maginot 01:00 PM

- Nimes support gathering, 09:30 AM place de l’horloge

- Paris : flyer give out 08:00 PM at Odéon, action in the subway

- Sarzeau : Demonstration to save Ayrault (and France too); 09:00 AM

- Rouen : Support gathering, 02:30 PM Halle aux toiles, Vinci parking

- november 3rd : 07:00 PM at la Vache Rit (lieu-dit les Domaines, NDL) : assembly open to everybody about what’s is happening on the ZAD and perspectives

- november 4th 2012 qt 10:00 AM, la Vache rit : meet for a walk on the ZAD, organized by Solidarit Ecologie

- november 3rd 2012 : Gathering in Evreux Meetingpoint at 03:00 PM at La Poste

- november 10th 2012, at 11:00 AM *Demonstration with pedestrians and tractors in Rennes* COPAIN 35, 85, are mobilizing : To say NO to the airport project in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, to support Zad’s occupants evicted since october 16th, to denounce destructions on the project’s area, to propose another land planning model, come and take part in tractors convoy ! Citizens, join the cortege !

- december 8th 2012 in Asserac : support concert, Salle de la Fontaine

ICI meetings we know from struggling comrades.

Une Carte bonne résolution ICI

News thread

You can find a detailled account of the day on Breizh journal :

00:16 AM : no news from the "hostages", we’ll keep you updated tomorrow; good night and see you on the barricades !!

11:30 PM : 4 people just released at Blain, we are waiting for the two others remaining there.

10:51 PM : there will be no party at le Tertre, because the house has no roof anymore. those who want can go to la Vacherit for the projection or to No Name for the party.

- 10:44 PM : one person is at police station in Blain, no news from the others.

- 10:10 PM : traffic notification : holes in the road between Ardillieres and la Paquelais aren’t repared yet by the DDE (french enterprise for equipment), even if they were there yesterday. Our signalling road panels recommanding not to go this way, because it’s too dangerous, have been removed by "unknown powers", who may want someone to accidently crash their car to accuse the "occupants". Be careful on this road, we will check the signings during the night and the week-end.

- 10:29 PM : There are approximatly 17 or 20 police vans around the area, people coming to support us can’t approach, there is no way for them to see what’s happening. Mr Prefect, which side is illegality on ?

- 10:26 PM : they might have been arrestees among people on the roof.

- 10:11 PM : they are tearing apart the tertre hangar’s roof, it’s made of asbestos, it’s is strictly illegal !!!!!!!

- 08:50 PM : no news for the moment, we are still waiting, just as you are...

- 08:31 PM : they’re beginning to destroy the roof of the house, there is still a person on the roof and a second one in the chimney. you dangerous thugs !

- 08:30 PM : 5 or 6 arrestees, we don’t know yet where they are; as soon as we know, Massively call the police station to ask for their immediate release please.

- 07:55 PM : they might be a digger, seen bound for chene des perrieres, they want to destroy it too.

- 07:51 PM : they are not very funny : it’s a very offensive raid, 150 cops, physionomist, no climbers... there are still people on the roof.

- 07:46 PM : they are trying to get people down the roof with a simple ladder, not a very conventional way to proceed...

- 07:44 PM : 4 police vans arriving on stage, with a ladder on the roof.

- 07:39 PM : it happened really fast, cops are back at le Tertre. They made last warning before they even got off their vans and shot some flares. They emptied the house, there are still 2 people on the roof, 6 people brought aside, on the wrong side of the barricade.

- 07:15 PM : several police vans seen Tertre-bound

Message for the DCRI (french FBI-MI5) : stop sending us proposal for kalashnikov donation, we have no use for them ! This famous dream of armed struggle is definetely the prefecture’s one.

- 06:12 PM : Tonight we will show a movie on a struggle against the construction of a High Voltage Power Line / Converging struggles, at the new house, followed by a party against the Airport !

- 06:00 PM : We are looking for a large vehicule, to retrieve some stuff at the Tertre

Meanwhile, treat yourself with this little masterpiece of discussion between Under Prefect and activists VIDEO

- 05:41 PM : the 10 "playmobiles" vans are wasting fuel : leaving the Tertre, they came back to leave Temple-bound, they left behind a SUV and a van to block the crossroad at Chenes de Perriere.

- 05:25 PM : 6 vans going to le Temple ! Bye Bye :)

- 04:48 PM : 10 cop vans at the Super U supermarket in Vigneux, maybe those who just left the Tertre, maybe others, we do not know. Maybe they are shopping for the party tonight, but we did not really invite them.

- 04:39 PM : The cops just left, they left behind the security guy with his dog inside the house. He’s kindly but firmly told to leave, and goes away for a walk with his dog (nice idea we believe). Therefore, the house is occupied and everybody is invited tonight (after some building work) with food and drinks to celebrate together this magnificent and strong resistance against the Notre Dame des Landes ! YEAH ! :)

- 04:35 PM : The situation around the occupied house doesn’t change much, a private security agent just arrived with his dog. The cops are slowly leaving with people harassing them (verbally) right behind them.

- 04:02 PM : People on the ground are outside the house, forced by the cops to remain on the side field. There are 7 people on the roof...

- 03:54 PM : The house is surrounded, 5 or 6 people on the roof. All seems to be going well, and calmly, for the moment, considering the disproportioned ratio of cops. Reinforcements asked in a calm way to support from the outside !

- 03:43 PM : The GMs have tried to negociate with the friends on the roof. They want them to go down, promising them there will be no arrest. The answer is definitely NO. The cops are withdrawing, and seemingly diverting their attention on to fending off people on the ground.

- 03:21 PM : the vans just arrived at the Tertre, at the newly occupied house. The GM are out of their vans, people are inside and on the roof. Reinforcements are needed !

- 03:18 PM : 9 Gendarmerie Mobile vans (GM : French Riot Police) seen near the Maison Rose, going to Pré Faillit, Tertre, centre ZAD !

- 02:17 PM : The house at the Tertre is occupied, lot of people there, friendly atmosphere ! Tonight there will be a party at the No Name, come with boots, musique, and drinks if you have any !!

Some texts, retelling of the past few days ici
- 12:10 PM : A construction project is underway at the No Name : when the cat’s away the mice will play.

- 12:00 PM : A new occupation on the ZAD ! Here is the invitation :

From up top the Nantes region bocage Struggle Year 40 Day 18 (approximately) of the battle Early on a rainy morning


Today, November 2nd 2012, at a place named Le Tertre, residents are forced again to leave their house and lands.

After three weeks of evictions, destructions, and military invasion, Vinci and its followers are continuing to try to empty the area to get on with their absurd destructive project’s agenda.

However, just like at the Liminbout and at the Fosses Noires, we are still here to prevent the destruction of living place.

The resistance is growing daily. We are more and more numerous and determined to defend the ZAD.

To those who would wish to oppose legal inhabitants to illegals, "historical opponents" to "young and violent activists", here’s another proof that we are all inhabitants who resist !

And we are all here at Le Tertre, beginning Friday afternoon for a week end of celebrations, discussions, and reunions.

Come with the people you love, your sleeping bags, your bags full of victuals and all your good ideas.

Let us not let the, destroy our lives !

To each eviction a new occupation !

- 08:25 AM : No problem with broadcasting nothing is happening for the moment. The cops are taking a break for the holidays ?... Let’s take time to rest and to prepare for coming rebuildings (right now it’s raining cats and dogs...)

- 07:00 AM : Few problems with information broadcasting, we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we get any news.

- 05:45 AM : Everything is calm on the ZAD...