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NEWS about the situation on Sunday, November 4

Monday 5 November 2012

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THE RE-CONQUERING MANIFESTATION WILL BE HELD ON NOVEMBER the 17 ! We need to prepare ! See HERE. We invite you especially to paste posters and pull it around to announce it around you.

For english translations of the Flash info see HERE All translated content of the site HERE and here different other languages ITALIANO/ ESPAGNOLE ou NETHERLAND/ Infos in GERMAN or on

See HERE for general informations, how to get there, photos and videos, results of last week, material needed

A camp is located in a field between the "Vache Rit" and "Rolandière" (on the D81 between the Ardillières and Vigneux) We are looking for big top, tents or other structures. We also seek gas or oil heaters, mattresses and blankets. Let us know if you can lend it !

We could need some help with translations in english but also in other languages, mostly for the flash info since sunday and the call out for decentralized actions !!!!! Thank you !


Daily meetings :

- Notre Dame des Landes, from 9am : permanence in front of the post (Local Unions - angle opposite the Town Hall) to move to the area

- Nantes, from 10am : citizen watch at Pont Morand

- Nantes, 19pm : every two night : meeting in front of the prefecture (the next : November : Friday 2nd, Monday 5th, Wednesday 7th)

- Rennes, 18pm every night: brief at the maison de la grève

Rendez-vous to come : see also the ACIPA’s agenda HERE.

And to prepare the demonstration of re-conquering we need people : see the appointment HERE.

- Sunday, November 4th, 10am, The Vache rit (Domains - NDL) : rendez-vous for a walk on the ZAD organized by Solidarités Ecology

- Saturday, November 10th at 11:00 am * Foot and tractor manifestation in Rennes * COPAIN 35, 85 mobilize : To say NO to the airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes project, To support the occupants of the ZAD subjected to expulsions since Oct. 16, to denounce the destruction of the project area, To propose another model land Peasants, join the convoy of tractors ! Citizens, join the parade !

- December 8, 2012 : support concert in Assérac at Salle de la Fontaine

HERE rendez-vous that friends have told us.

A good resolution map HERE


- 7:45pm : very quiet, but it’s not boring : preparation for the coming week, including thuesday for the 4th wave. There are still a lot of places that are still (very) vital, construction site to end, etc. etc. ... we’ll be back tomorow as usual. if there are things that happen here in the meantime, we keep you informed here on this article. Otherwise : GOOD NIGHT

- 4:35pm : two mobile police vans in Vigneux ! Meeting against the airport for them also ?

GREAT initiative : the "Surplus de la Loutre" in the legendery Saint-Michel street in Rennes announced a 20% discount "throughout the store for any purchase of equipment and materials for the resistance to the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport."

- 4:39pm : confirmed : 2 mobile police vans and one CRS van in NddL

- 4:11pm : several vans and moorland at Notre dame des landes and Chapelle sur Erdre... check out

- 3:26pm : we do not know quite what to do with the info, but we imagine it’s not only for fun they go back and forth : 10 GM vans seen on the 4x4 road from Nantes to Rennes. There are barricades on the road between Ardillières and Paquelais around the Phare Ouest. Maybe that’s why.

- 2:14pm : You are still there ? Well, we’re also and we’re working a bit on the website so that it will be a bit easier to navigate, translations and all what we arrived not too much to do in a hurry. And the sun is shining :)

CALL: to everyone who was injured during the last three weeks : who wants to, is invited to contact us on zad (at) ! PAs necessarily to do something precisly but already have an idea and then just to keep in touch with you and have some health news !

- 12:33am : Youhou ! All is calm, full of beautiful things to do today on the Zad : Trekking to discover the beauty here, build structures here and there, chat with people,...

some info for the next demo of reoccupation AG : Tuesday, November 6th at 7:30pm at B17 / Nantes

Call for Militant hosting !!!!

Space for tents is expected for all the people who want to sleep on the spot dice on Friday night. So that everyone can participate in e-manifestation of the reoccupation of the ZAD which takes place Nov. 17 near Notre Dame Des Landes, A call to the hosting militant is made to the people of Nantes and the surrounding area that could accommodate the previous days and may be while the days following the event, for people from distant cities ... Thank you to send an email with your contact (email / phone) and your availability (number of nights, number of beds available, dates ...) to : hebergementmilitant (at) . Do not hesitate to turn this info to your friends, networks etc!!

Equipment needed : Electrical equipment: large lengths of cables of different colors (caliber, 1; 5cm2 2.5 cm2) RCD (single or three phase), different amperages breakers (or switchboards ready) domino sizes lamps (sockets and bulbs) switch boxes taken branch projectors extensions (long lengths) Electrical duct (long lengths)

- 8am : Sunday between rain and sun at the ZAD, take your boots if you come around...