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FLASH INFO on evictions for the 16 october

Friday 9 November 2012

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* If you are close to the Zad, there is a possibility to listen to the Radio Klaxon : 107.7

* Call out to come to the Zad, possible to meet up at the Vache rit

* L’Acipa calls for meeting up at the Vache rit at 9h

* Meeting this evening 19h at the Vache rit : => réunion déplacée au Sabot

* We will give regulary News here :

* The number of the Legal Team is: 0675309545

* Contact presse : 06 65 67 76 95

* Revue de presse de l’Acipa ICI

* Call out for decentralized actions at the moment of the eviction everywhere ! Message for our friends out there: take care and keep resisting !!

* Contrary of the announces of the prefect at 10:30 the operation is not yet ended. And we don’t consider that everything "went fine"

* thanks to a great translator :

[CAS] Seguís los flash informativos en directo del desalojo de la ZAD de NotreDame de Landes (FR) en castellano

[ITA] Seguite i flash informativi in diretta dello sgombero della ZAD di NotreDame de Landes (FR) in italiano

- 23h07 : between 60 and 80 military camions just arrived on the road between Sabot and La Paquelais

- 22h50 : comiing back with a little surprise: A convoi of 20 military camions arrived at the Sabot

- 22:30 : the cop car at th eplatform of the Phare Ouest left !!

- 22h20 ALERT !!!! New Info : Military and riot cops approaching to the barricade at the Sabot, a military Camion is a around the Platform of the Phare Ouest !! Callout for support !!

- 21h40 : riot cops in front of Sabot are leaving

- 21h09 : end of the meeting at the Sabot, the barricades keeping strong, high/big lights which is shining in the fields in direction Chêvrerie and Fosse noir

- 20h37 : pas de nouvelles de Sabot, c’est calme, on reste vigilantes // no news from the Sabot, all seems calm, but we stay careful...

- 18h55 : blocking by the Riot cops of the crossroad Fosses noires/Paquelais-Planchettes

- 18h35 : the cops entered in the Sabot. to follow....

- 18h27 : the digger is about to dig his way at the entry at the Sabot, seems like attaque is preparing

- 18:23 : solidary friends let us know that the cops are sleeping at the Campanile Hotel in Rezé and the L’Etap Hotel de Ste Luce...

- 18h16 : a charge is praparing at the Sabot, a digger is arring in on the road of the Sabot

- 18h15 : a digger is arriving at the way to the Sabot to enter in the garden by the side, 40 people are still at the Sabot

- 18h : acces to the Vache Rit is still blocked

- 17h35 : two barricades around the sabot are burning, after some general annoyment from the cops and the response to them, everyone is staying in their camp

- 16h35 : The evicted houses are getting cleaned actually ( info journaliste Presse ocean says Bel Air has been cleaned )

- 16h30 : 15 riot cop vans have been spotted at Vigneux de Bretagne in direction Paquelais

- 15h40 : following a exterieur information, the Military are being mobilized for more 48h to prevent new occupations

- 15h20 : barricade burning at the Sabot. It’s seems to getting hot for them

- 15:10 : people at the Sabot getting teargased, breakdown lorry and diggers been seen, 3 cop vans of riot cops and 10 military vans heading towards Sabot

- 15:00 : 60 / 70 people are inside the Sabot, that could take a while

- 14:15 : cops stationed at the Chêvrerie are leaving

- 14:00 : new barricade being build up at the Sabot

- 13h50 : the cops take off the last cars at the barricade at the way towards Sabot

- 13h40 : the cops seems not being really able to decide if they want to enter the Chêvrerie or not. they passed the first barricade at teh Sabot, they come like from many direction and teargasing a lot.

- 13:30 : Cops broke their cable winch when trying to take off the barricade at the Sabot !! ( we can’t refrain ourselves from underlining the little victorys !! )

- 13h15 : Tear gas beeing shot around the Sabot, arrival of numerous riot cop cars

- 13 :10 : supposedly the same for the barricade at the entry to the way to Sabot

- 13:10 : order has given to leave at the barricade at the "Chêvrerie", to have access to the roads in direction Far Ouest and Chêvrerie

- 13:05 : cops cant’ enter at the "Sabot" for some juristic procedure problems. ( the bailiff didn’t pass ? ), so they are still there !

- 12h52 : 7 cop vans have been seen ( in the neighbourtown) Temple de Bretagne in direction of Chêne des Perrieres. Militarys take of a barricade at the entry of the road to the "Sabot"

- 12h45 : the Militarys are coming from both sides of the entry of the road of the "Chevrery", once from the direction of "Planchettes", other side from the "chêvrerie". They order to leave

- 12:35 : finally no ( anymore ) cops at the Platform of "Far Ouest"

- 12:20 : cops entered and are at the level of the "Far Ouest", possible to attack the zone from this side, cops in front of the Sabot

- 12:07 : on the cross Paquelais/Planchettes cops are on the niveau of the Planchettes and in front of the street direction "Chêvrerie", a convoy of people is going towards the cops in front of the "Chêvrerie", there are also cops by feet walking from street "Fosse noir" in direction "Sabt", they ask for support !

- 11:50 : Militarys are navigating in direction of the chêvrerie, people as well to support them there, calling others to join them, cops are taking off a barricade blocking the access to "Far Ouest", no cops seen yet around the Sabot

- 11:42 : blocade in the street of the "Fosse noir" to block the cops to go in direction "Sabot3

- 11h30 : Militarys in front of the barricade Sabot/100chênes

- 11h18 : in his speech, the prefect declared that the operation is finished for today, that all went fine, without arrestations and that the military occupation will continue for several days to secure the destruction of the houses

- 11:16 : 3 cop vans around the "LA Saulce"

- 11h10 : helicopters over Sabot/100 chënes : calling out for support

- 10h56 : a lot of cop vehicles are driving direction to "La Paquelais" without arriving there, they are probably driving around in the Center Zone "Sabot/100 chênes/Chevrerie

- 10h50 : end ou dementi of the announcement of cops at the "Vache rit"

- 10h30 : vans of miitarys and riot cops are at the ( legal ) place "Vache rit", 5 vans seen leaving from "La Bossiere" in direction to Grandchamps

- 10h30 : Press Ouest France : "Les Planchettes" empty have been "evicted" at 7h30

- 10h30 : Press Tv : speech of the prefect at "La Paquelais" at 10:30

- 10h14 : Press TV: the person climbed down the roof

- 10h : after the Presse "Ocean", the prefect will be coming in the mid-morning

10h : everyone left the "Gaité" without a incident, the police is waiting the workers to close the holes in the roof, "Bel Air: still one person on the roof

- 9h48 : ID controles on the street of "Fosse noir"

- 9h45 : citation of the Prefecture of Loire-Atlantique: the operation concerns 7 illegal House occupations and 4 self installed occupations ( cabanes )

- 9h33 : barricades in direction Vigneux burning

- 9h28 : we receive the information the the house "Pré Faillit" ( West ) have been evicted between 7 and 8 h

- 9h25 : the "Gaité" has been evicted, noone inside and on the roof anymore

- 9h15 : "Gaité" : still one person on the roof, around 50 people around, people have been arrested and released straight after

- 9h Bel Air : still one person on the roof, others on the street in front of the house, they reclaim to keep their collective garden

- 9h : 3 huge vans, 3 tracking vans, some baggers, 5 cop cars seen around Vigneux

- 8h45 : eviction of the house "Tertre"

- 8h45 : France Info says one person on the roof of house "Bel Air"

- 8h40 : cop vans in the area south-east ( bossiere ), barricades are blocking some roads

- 8h30 : eviction at house "Bel Air"

- 8h15 : "Gaité" - the house incircled, 2 people on the roof, people inside : call for help !

- 8h10 : cops entering the "Gaité"

- 8h : arrival of other cop camions from direction Temple de Bretagne

- 7h55 : Cop Vans passed the barricades and go to direction West on the "chemin de suez" to the house "Tertre"

- 7h53 : call to reinforce at "La Gaité"

- 7h45 : cops around the "Gaité", cops vans blocking between "Rosier" and the "chemin de suez", arrivals of heavy trucks of the cops in direction Center Zad

- 7h35 : arrival of the cop cars in the road direction of the house "Gaité"

- 7h35 : Moderation of the Information about cops in the Saulce: not confirmed yet

- 7h30 :40 Cop vans coming from direction "le Potiron" ( zone West ) direction center

- 7h29 : 10 more cop cars coming from south west ( Vigneux )

- 7h25 : 20 riot cop vans seen in the surrounding in the south west ( Vigneux ), 10 riot cop vans on the East side "Bossiere"

- 7h20 : entrée de la police à la Saulce // cops entering the Saulce

- 6h55 : cops are evicting the Bellish, we here teargas and detonations, ne callout for reinforcement

- 6h30 : 15 military vans or riot cops at "La Bossière: they came from the south-west