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talks from occupants at the demo in Nantes, the 20 of october

Monday 5 November 2012

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Thank you to be so many today.

For five days now, we’ve been thrown out from most of our houses : la Belichroute has been put on fire at the begining of the evictions, Les Planchettes, as well as Le Tertre, L’Isolette, a collective house in La Forêt de Rohanne, and its neighbourhood have already been destroyed by their digging machine. Bel Air, La Gaité, a house in Grandchamps, La Pointe and the three houses of La Préfaillite have been walled up or even destroyed for a part of it. In spite of this destructive wave, we’re still standing !

And it’s not the wall up of some houses that prevented us from going back there. Le sabot, Les Cent Chênes, Le Rosier, Le No-Name, le Farouezt, Pimki, la Mandragore, le Champs de ronce, la Gare, la Forêt de Rohanne, la Saulce, la Potironnerie, la Sècherie, le Champmé, as well as other places, are still alive. We must not forget our neighbours, squatters-to-be, that keep on resisting to pressures, purchase, and expropriations from Vinci-AGO.

Some people insist on the illegal aspect of the occupation of houses and lands, but these people don’t question the legal side of a project that will destroy lands, natural areas and places where to live. Unlike what the prefect says, the eviction process didn’t stop at 10.00 am. Night and day, the police is staying on the area, with a huge number of officers and an outrageous expense ; we are submitted to a permanent pressure.

An HEQ airport is an illusion, as well as a soft eviction. This is not going the way they want you to believe! What does 0 arrest mean, 0 injured person, when hundreds of mobile cops come to destroy the place where we live, meet and experiment ? Despite these four long days, resistance is coming together, and we will not surrounder. Yesterday night, we took back one house.

What is important is that we are in good spirits, thanks to the support we’re getting from the outside, all around France and even further : generous supplies, dry socks, demonstration in front of the town hall and prefecture, different actions to point Vinci and its allies from political field. All these actions give us the strengh to keep on going.

That is even without mentionning the many people that we meet here and there and that join us in the area, bringing us strengh and warmth. Our victory will come out of this active solidarity. Let’s keep on stopping this destruction and let’s get ready to prepare the re-occupations.

Let’s not forget why these houses have been occupied in the first place, these huts built and these lands farmed. It’s not because we are fighting against the megalomaniac airport project in a context of economic austerity and global warming ; it’s to make our resistance to the dictatorship of capitalism where our lives are under control and lands covered by concrete, come true.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes is not isolated. This situation has been going on and on where capitalism and any other kind of domination rule. Everywhere people have to face opression, the shapping of their lives or of the place they live. And everywhere people are fighting. We send them all our support and thank them for theirs, for we believe in the collective strengh of these struggles that stick together from Notre-Dame to Atenco, through Rezé, le Chéfresne, Calais, Khimki and so many other places. This resistance will not end with this police operation. It will still be possible to act anywhere, and of course on the Zad. They can destroy our houses, but not the links between us...

Signed : still occupying Zadists