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FLASH INFO on evictions for the 7th of november

Thursday 8 November 2012

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Live news

- 6.30pm news of arrested people : Of the two arrested at 9.30am, one has been released and we still have no news of the second. We don’t know where the clown is, let’s hope he gives them a rough time. Two others were arrested a bit later and were taken to Sautron and seem to be there still.

- 5.30pm : Nothing new but plenty to do

Thanks to Bred’Irie : Breton Lands, wher an airport project has been rejected through 40 years !! Help the struggle against the airport and the world that goes with it. Listen ICI

- 4.25pm quiet moment
- 3.42pm : 2 agents from anti crime brigade seen in a blue Megane going from Ardillères to La Saulce
- 2.20pm 4 arrested around 12,have been released; 2 others arrested around 9.30, one has just been released, no news of the other one.
- 1.50pm :the cops have gone!
- 1.40pm : police have taken over the barricades between Sabot and Fosses Noires. They walked back while throwing teargas and deafening grenades on flat trajectory
- 1pm : thr Farouest barricade is still up, and new ones are beeing put up between Fosses Noires and Sabot… who said war of attrition ?
- 1pm : 4 people arrested and released, no news of a 5th one
- 11.20 : first warnings near the barricades
- 11am : filtering blockade with identity check at Ardillières
- 10.50 : nothing new ; the police are spread across the field south of Farwest and on the road . The battucada is coming…
- 10.20 : about 40 cops are walking behind the scraper along the road to the south barricade
- 10am : 2 people arrested near farwest barricade, a scraper at work at Le Sabot
- 9.45:cops nearing barricade at Farwest track
- 8.40 : deafening grenades used at the Sabot track
- 8.30 : taking advantage of this large police presence, a bailiff has been at the Ardillères to deliver summons to leave on January 3rd
- 8.20 : they are over the second barricade and are on the track to the Sabot
- 8.15 :the convoy is arving on a barricade on the Ardillères-Pâquelais road, 7 other vans have been seen on a barricade of the Farwest track. Cops are going over the first one
- 8 am : large convoy (15 CRS vans and 20 anti-riot vans) seen « protecting » a scaper and civil engineering workers on road to Chêne des Perrières
- 7 am : quiet awakening on the ZAD