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FLASH INFO for thursday 8 november

Friday 9 November 2012

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[Some untranslatable poetry, but very beautiful though... You should check it on the French version !]

20h41 : We get the news that barricades are back on the road D281 between Ardillières and La Paquelais. To make sure that we still can circulate, barricades were put as sleeping policemen [note from the translator : I’m discovering this phrase... I would prefer them dead !!], as in a urban zone. And that’s true, there are so many people walking and riding bikes here !, so slown down on this road, for your safety and ours.

20h17 : We’re closing for today, there is a party somewhere on the ZAD. This day of rest, without cops around us, has made us good. But we’re still on the watch for tomorrow, and more important, for next week. While waiting for it, we enjoy reading mainstream press, from the outside of our little word... and we frankly laugh a lot : "The prefect of region, Christian de Lavernée, wants to distinguish "neighbours and cultivators who constitute the institutional opposition, and the anarcho-libertarian activists who re-call Notre-Dame-Des-Landes "the biggest outdoor squat of Europe""." I didn’t we re-call anyone ! but that’s sounds actually that stuff with "the biggest outdoor squat"! Thanks Christian, congrats!


*Lots of vids and photos here* Telecomix

[image: -] 15h10 : Nothing to be noticed so we enjoy our time, thanks to Dubamix

*DUBAMIX "Notre Dub Des Landes" Free Downloading : Music made in november 2012 in order to support the oponents to the airport project in Notre-Dame des Landes*

13h32 : Still, everything is quiet here, what’s good. On my own, i’d say he won, lots of places are still occupied and have not been destroyed, there are still a motivated people to build...
— - This morning on the ZAD, as every morning, people are on the watch but the situation is deeply quiet... - oh no, i was going to forget : 10h27 : A cop van has been seen at the junction eastwards from the Fosses Noires Road (la route des fosses noires).

In other words, they’re still watching the barricades of the Farouezt, you know, where the cops and their docile workers spent hours to dismantle barricades yesterday... barricades that reappeared as soon as they stopped watching!

If you feel like reading today, here is an article from Bob telling what happened yesterday near the Farouezt.