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Thursday 12 April 2018

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Communiqué / Wednesday 11 April 2018

The associations and organisations who oppose the large infrastructure projects imposed on the public and the risks and negative impact on preservation of the environment they entail protest and condemn the action now being taken by the sitting government at the ZAD at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

They demand a halt to this large-scale military operation,
- which is destroying, indiscriminately and without due process, alternative-living projects being built or already in place,
- which is ignoring previous agreements made with a number of residents,
- which is causing a dangerous spiral of increasing tension and setting a desperate and irreversible process in motion.

The State must recognize its full responsibility for the injuries resulting from its attacks, whether of inhabitants of the ZAD or of police/military.

We are thinking of the tragedy that took place at Sivens and the meetings we have taken part in – in vain? – in the context of the work of the Commission chaired by Senator Richard in 2014, to “formulate responses to the insufficiencies of the environmental debate in France.”

The silencing and exclusion of the press is a new stage, one that leaves no one indifferent and is the cause of deep concern. The political sphere in its current majority must finally put an end to its showing contempt for, stigmatising, and destroying the desire for new economic, agricultural, cultural, and social/solidarity models that is fondly held by some of today’s youth, who are the only legitimate actors in the building of their own future. The signal being sent today to the “world of tomorrow” is unworthy of a country that still pretends to be democratic.

To that end, we hereby call on the ministries in charge of this dossier to profoundly reconsider their actions, immediately suspend the destruction operations on the ground, and seek to re-establish dialogue. Unless that happens, calls for mobilisation and support from all segments of the population and beyond will intensify in the coming hours.

INITIAL SIGNERS: This list will be complemented in the coming days

- ACTE (Association Chalonnaise pour la Transition Écologique)
- Agir pour l’Environnement
- Alsace Nature
- Alternatiba
- Alternatiba-Rouen
- Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) France
- Association La Presle
- Attac
- Attac Vosges
- Bizi !
- Bouillons Terres d’Avenir Rouen
- Coordination Cigeo/BURE Stop: Asodedra, Burestop 55, Bure Zone Libre, Cedra 52, Eodra, Habitants vigilants de Gondrecourt-le-Château, MNE, Fédération MIRABEL Lorraine environnement and opponents of the nuclear waste dump
- Collectif 3R
- Comité de soutien NDDL-Chalon
- Collectif Alsace NDDL
- Collectif GCO NON MERCI
- Collectif Non À l’Autoroute A133-A134
- Residents of the ZAD du Moulin (anti-GCO [bypass highway])
- Collectif STOP-EPR ni à Penly ni ailleurs [anti-PWR]
- Confédération Paysanne
- Fédération Environnement Eure-et-Loir
- France Nature environnement Grand Est
- Gudmont-dit-Non
- Libre Canut, Goven environmentalists’ association
- Réseau Sortir du nucléaire [anti-nuclear]