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FLASH INFO 10th of november

Sunday 11 November 2012

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- 17h44 : Here everything remains quiet. We little workers are all busy in one thing or another to prepare the re-occupation demo on the 17h. Except that, we still have another week to wait and face. Not exactly sur how things are going on. Would there be another wave of assaults ? or not ?

Cap Atlantique : craftmen, shop owners, private professionnals and small companies are going to revolt ! "It’s up to the policians to spend less money, they shouldn’t tax us more to get the finances of crazy projects such as Notre-Dame des Landes which costs 600 millions of euros !" This won’t be without consequences on the way this project is perceived by craftmen and bosses of small companies... Listen to that :

- 17h40 : About 700 people, according to the police, have been demonstrating in the East of Paris with green, red and black flags. "Let’s preserve our lands, stop to the useless and imposed great projects" said a banner (in French). ’No to the Ayraultport’ was also written.

- 13h10 : It seems there are 100 farming machines in Rennes right now. It was written by the mainstream press, which unfortunately doesn’t tell how many people are there. [now it says about 1,000 people according to their own estimation]

Here is the article in French :

For those who are in Nantes this afternoon :

at 3pm, in Place de Bretagne in Nantes. Demonstration "a place to live for everyone". 6th week of mobilization !!

Our occupying actions were illegal but legitimate (Lieu Unique, foyer Gustave Roch, Manufacture have been occupied previously). They were followed by evictions thanks to crazy measures from the police and intimidation acts.

Those evictions made the people go back to the streets. (...) More info :


- 8h30 : It’s raining today... Those who planned to go the Rennes demo are already gone. For those qui planned to stay, there are some distributions of flyers near the ZAD : at 10 at B17 or at 10.30 in la Vache Rit.