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we want a demo, not a parade

Tuesday 13 November 2012

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The 17th of November, a demonstration of reoccupation is organized, thought as a time of collective response to evictions of squats in ZAD. We are occupants of ZAD. We are not in logical of political party. We don’t believe in pseudo democracy et its game of representation. What is the strength of these moments experienced since the outbreak of expulsions is to meet a lot of people thanks to our rejection of this airport project and people around it. We want this demonstration to belong to all oppositionnists and that everyone who are fighting find their place. For the last few days, politicians stars relayed each other to announce their arrival. For the last few days, we only heard them. We don’t want all the attention on that day to shine on some headliners who have all the media space to express themselves, and would never come on the area without 50 cameras to go with them. We want a demonstration of fighters against aiport project, not a politician podium. Friends in fight, welcome ! The occupationist movement