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FLASH INFO for the Saturday 24 Nov

Sunday 25 November 2012

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As for the episode yesterday, the data below are primarily occasions flash-info from the ZAD zebsite but also a bit of some mainstream media.

Saturday, November 24

7h The intersection of Moulin de Rohanne is blocked by the cops, in Atlantis, more than four trucks of riot police were seen taking the 4-way towards Vannes (and ... ZAD).

8:15 At the cabins at the Chestnut Plantation, there are people on rooftops. in the Rohanne forest, there are people in the treehouses. The cops are at least on the paths with spotlights.

8:41 A hundred cops enter the forest Rohanne, so far without machines or climbers.

8:50 At least fifteen mobile police vans are on the Che;in de Suez, over a dozen between Moulin de Rohanne Rolandière. In the Rohanne forest, cops just surrounded the treehouses. Reinforcements would be more than welcome!

9:05 According to Ouest-France, "shortly after 9 am, the first shots were exchanged between opponents and police in central area of ​​the airport project. Stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets have responded to throwing stones and Molotov cocktails during relatively heavy clashes. ’

9:15 Thirty other cop vehicles head from Vigneux to ZAD ...

Cops, pigs, murderers!

9:36 Between 100 and 200 cops just entered the forest. A line of cops pretty tight between the chemin de Suez and the treehouses, advancing towards the huts, leaving behind cops to protect the arrival of machines.

9:47 machines entering the forest.

10am Cops climbers are reported in the forest Rohanne.

10:10 An enemy machine was stuck in the mud...

10:25 Two excavators and two cherry pickers are in the forest, one has its 80 tonne shovel stuck in the mud ... Even the cops seem to get tired and say they are fed up.

10:58 The cops pepper spray naked people on the ground protesting. And meanwhile ... sixty people begin to rebuild the side of the reconstruction site!

11am Cop climbers began to climb into the trees where there are huts, people who were in the cabins climb up higher into the trees ...

11:20 The hut in the forest floor of Rohanne is being destroyed, and some high cabins which are not occupied. Cops-climbers ascend to the occupied huts while other cops gas on the ground.

11:30 Two arrested in Rohanne Forest.

11:35 Clashes continue, according to Ouest-France, "the clashes are violent opponents carrying out attacks, throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and many fire flares towards the police. ’

11:50 The information from the barricade on the chemin de Suez at the reconstruction site : still resisting ! But we are told three wounded (two by firing rubber bullets in the leg and hand, and a stun grenade through the ear). Good news: a machine operator in the forest refuses to continue to work because there is too much tear gas ...

24:20 According to Ouest-France, in the forest of Rohanne the "clashes were violent opponents using Molotov cocktails and flares. Several glass bottles were thrown, they contained a liquid being analyzed. The police suspected acid. On site, some opponents are hidden in the trees, and the workmen have suffered spit and urine jets ... The police have conducted five arrests, including a man preparing to throw a molotov cocktail. ’

24:50 Point from the legal team for now, five arrests known, including one released after being bludgeoned. One of those arrested was after falling from a hut, then bludgeoned and taken away. We also warn that the police want to arrest anyone leaving the forest with a gas mask.

1:50 p.m. According to Ouest-France, "the prefecture stated on Saturday 1:45 p.m. a new record of violent clashes in the morning. Three people were injured, including a policeman suffering a sound trauma. Both opponents were injured supported by firefighters. One was shot in the leg, the other in the eye. The police have arrested eight people. One of them had a molotov cocktail, another a sling. ’

14h clashes continue: another 3 injuries after direct and aimed firing of tear gas rubber bullets or shrapnel grenades, the affected eyelid, calf, or liver. Since this morning, many people arrive and continue to arrive, around and beyond, it’s good, it’s necessary!

2:15 p.m. The cops destroyed about seven treehouses, three remain. There are people in the trees, many people below, rubber bullets in the chest, very frequent stun grenades, a lot of injuries ... Despite this, people continue to flock from all over to support friend in the forest!

14.30 helicopter is back.

15h clashes continue, cops gas and fire grenades on the field next to the forest.

3:02 p.m. The cops are destroying the last platform in the trees. There are still five people in the trees!

3:35 p.m. There are approximately 400 protesters in the forest! Detonating grenades and stun continue to hear from the area. On the whole ZAD, there are currently 2,000 demonstrators!

3:58 p.m. The large cabin of the Chestnut Plantation is repaired. By contrast, in the forest, the cops destroyed the last hut. No big deal, they will rebuild! Oh, and the helicopter is back.

4:05 p.m. Cop-climbers and police retreated in the Rohanne forest while machines continue to pick up debris from destroyed platforms. There are no more platforms, but there are still comrades in the trees and in nets.

According to France Info, cops-climbers GIGN.

4:18 p.m. Ten police vans arrive at the barricade on the Chemin de Suez, request reinforcements.

5:12 p.m. Full firing stun grenades on the chemin de Suez, it heats up at the barricades ...

5:18 p.m. This is crazy, grenades hqve been constant for five minutes: at least forty grenades ... Already at least a dozen injuries on our side today ...

5:27 p.m. Shots grenades into the Rohanne forest.

5:45 p.m. clashes continue, and grenades of course ...

5:51 p.m. In the forest, the police and the machines are leaving, the friends and protesters too. The cops are going to retreat along the D81, they are loaded, the grenades are used to cover their escape!

18h legal point: According to our information, from 13h there were ten arrests. Five people were released and at least one is in custody. This is in addition to at least one custody this morning and many wounded.

6:25 p.m. brief Tip AFP (Paris): The initial work of clearing the site of Notre-Dame-Des Landes should be delayed about 6 months, three Ministers (Agriculture, Ecology, Transport) have decided to strengthen procedures for the environment, while confirming Saturday "the need to continue the project."

6:45 p.m. The cops retreated and left the outskirts of the forest. They are neither on the chemin de suez or moulin de rohanne. There are still barricades that have not been passed by the cops throughout the day, including those that protect Chataigneraie.

7:30 p.m. It seems that rebuilding is beginning in the forest ...

23h we hear learned that the police are again in position on the field, at the crossroads of Saulce and on the chemin de Suez. It makes you wonder when we learned almost at the same time: In response to this day demonstration and confrontation, the government will assign the next week, "for the sake of appeasement", a "dialogue commission care to expose "the disputed project of airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes and hear all stakeholders." Hahaha!

11:15 p.m. The cops are back ... They are at the second barricade protecting the reoccupation site and gassing people on the ground.

0:55 The cops destroyed the first barricade but were unable to take the second. They left with their vehicles position at the crossroads of Saulce ... then left on foot towards the chemin de Suez. To open a second round of negotiations perhaps?

1:05 The Vigneux road is blocked. The police have installed projectors and attack back the second barricade. There are at least ten vans!

2h We hear arrest reports. Apparently friends were tired of defending the second barricade. Suddenly, they are returned and are at the first, which has been rebuilt and strengthened. But what are the police doing?

2:30 Three vehicles continue to hold the crossroads of Saulce. Resistance continues at the construction site.

2:40 We’re waiting on the barricades early Sunday morning. Do not listen to the sirens eco-socialists, only struggle pays! Vinci degage! Resistance and Sabotage!