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Nuances around the call-out for support at the Zad after threats of evictions

Sunday 9 October 2011

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(See the call-out in question here)

We wrote "It’s now or never!"but ...

... The evolution of the situation and recent discussions allow us to consider the invitation of August 16th to 19th around the rally on Aug. 17th a little less urgent than the call-out text might have made out. We envision these days as a moment of meeting, discussion, practical organization and / or workshops. To be clear, we thought that things might be heating up where you are, so to give you a temperature-check from here: "Things are heating up, certainly, but eviction isn’t imminent."The invitation remains but there will be others in the weeks or months to come.

We wrote "Neither judges ...Nor decision-makers "but ... ... all weapons face justice ... We are implementing a variety of tactics in response to the eviction proceedings. We haven’t all chosen the same strategies towards prosecution and / or repression, and it seemed important to clarify this. If, as it is written in the call-out of August 17th, some of us refuse to appear in court, others have chosen to defend themselves. We do not see this as an important division or even as having contradictory positions. We stick together regardless of each person’s strategic choices. Attached here soon will be a complementary call-out to that of August 17th, stating another position towards the court.

On August 11th in Nantes, a report requested by some places led to a postponement for all eviction trials filed by AGO that day. AGO lawyers apparently want all the places to be tried on the same day. The same situation is likely to recur in Saint Nazaire, so we expect one report for all places convened on August 17th. That said, we still find it relevant to meet up on August 17th in Saint Nazaire, the assembly is still going to be there, our determination still stangs and many of us will be there to meet you. If green algae allows, we’re hoping to finish the morning on the beach, bring your picnic !

Note for those a little lost : one part of the Zad is administratively in the commune of Notre dame des Landes and another in that of Vigneux de bretagne.The first is affected by the Court of St. Nazaire and houses located in this commune are being seen at Saint Nazaire. The second, Vigneux de Bretagne, is affected by the Nantes Courth, where they have been summoned ...