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Actions and dates to come from differents collectives

Tuesday 11 December 2012

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Notre-Dame des Landes, from 9 AM : Place de la Poste, in front of the city Hall Nantes, from 10 AM, cityzen’s watch at the Pont Morand. One night out of two : meeting in front of the Prefecture Rennes, every Monday at 19:30, meeting in la Maison de la Grève (37, rue Legraverend) to inform on what’s going on in the ZAD and think about what to do in Rennes. Everyone is welcome ! And each Friday at 18:00, meeting at Place de la Mairie. Nice, every Saturday at 10:00, meeting on a market. Saturday the 1st of december : meeting in front of Jardins de la Villatiole Clermont-Ferrand, every Tuesday at Hôtels des vil-e-s, 55 avenue de l’Union Soviétique, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand Concarneau, every Thursday at 18:00, Maison des associations, after Les Halles Villefranche de Lauragais, every friday from 9:30 to 12:00 in the market. Collection for the ZAD. Vannes, Vannes’ collective is meeting every Monday at 20:30 in the Café "L’éloge de la lenteur" tu discuss actions against the airport. Paris, weekly meeting in La Bourse du Travail, 3 rue du Château d’eau, every Tuesday at 19:00 !!! This tuesday (12/11/12) meeting rue Voltaire !!!!! Cran-Gevrier, meeting of the comitee, every Monday from november 12th : 18:00 at Alterlocal, 3 chemin des grèves 74960 Cran-Gevrier Toulouse, meeting every Wednesday at 19:00 in SLOLI Châteaubriant, weekly meeting every friday at 18:30, from Switerland’s Jura collects stuff for the ZAD


Departure on december 9 ; Arrival by february 2013


Tuesday, December 11th

Lens, meeting of the Arras-Lens-Béthune-Douai collective. 19:00 at the LAG
Grenoble, 19:00 meeting on the ZAD and the similar points with the TAV project (High Speed Train between Lyons and Torino). Place to confirm
Rennes, Weekly Meeting, this week : Tuesday 11, at 19:30 . There were more than 70 persons last meeting
Marseille, in Le Seul Problème - 46, rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille - at 19:00
Angers, Public Meeting with Françoise Vercher, from the Loire-Atlantique regional council, Julien Durand, for the ACIPA and a jurist from the association France Nature Environnement. At 20:00, salle Thiers

Wednesday, December 12th

Blain, come rip your electoral card apart ! And send it (for free) to François Hollande. At 19:30, Salle de la Pinsonnette, Saint-Omer-de-Blain. Come with something to drink !
St-Etienne, at l’Excuse bar - 38, rue de la Résistance - at 19:00 . About 8 person are leaving to the ZAD ont the 12/12, and coming back on the 12/17
Caen, at 20:30 : Le Niouzz, 15 bd Leroy, 14000 Caen -
Marcillac, 19:00 at Guingois in Marcilac Vallon. Come in a good mood ;)
Tours, movie projection. Fac des Tanneurs, at 18:00

Thursday, december 13th

Saint-Gaudens, 31, at 20:00 at the movie theatre Le Régent with a projection of "Notre Dame des Landes - Au coeur de la lutte"
Rennes, demonstration in front of the Brittany’s council, from 13:00, rue Martenot. Press :
Quimper, At "Cyberacteurs" - 7, rue Aristide Briant. At 18:00
South of Tours - Loches, Maurice Aquilhon center, hall Donald at 20:30. Blog :
Landernau, at Le Réveil-Matin, first floor. there is a discuss list, to get listed, ask :
Renan, projection of a movies about Rohanne’s wooods and the inhabitants / Live : feluesniffer (anarkopunk, UK) - Autonoma paradise and the dreadlocks terror (crust / menez are) about 20:00 at L’ODYSEE. What you’re paying goes to the people of the ZAD.

Friday, December 14th

Laval, Auditorium - Place de Hercé - At 20:15. Movie projection : "Notre Dame des Landes - Au coeur de la lutte" and debate with a inhabitant of the ZAD, a flying pilot, the ACIPA and the CEDPA.
Perpignan, movie projection in Le Lido de Prades : "Kashima Paradise" french documentary from 1973 telling the story of the resistance to an airport in Narita, Japan
St-Jean-du-Gard, Bibliothèque-Infokioske at 19:00, 152, Grand Rue - - Come with something to eat, as usual ...

Saturday, december 15th

Saint-Affrique, 16:00, place de la Mairie demonstration against the airport and the police repression. Followed by a meeting Affénadou, near Alès, supportive canteen, from 18:00 at La Cantine de l’Affénadou
Tours, demonstration from 15:00, place Anatole France Belin-Béliet, supportive meeting from the Bassin d’Arcachon’s committee. 11:00, place de la Mairie. Come with a picmic !
St-Jean-de-Maruejols, demonstration
Privas, 10:00 in front of the Prefecture. Bring a bucket of potting soil
Metz, leafletings from 10:00 to 12:00 in the market of Metz
Haute-Loire - Le Puy en Velay, meeting in front of the prefecture at 10:00. Happy demonstration. Bring something to show off : music instruments, clown costumes, flags and signs (no political signs, though)

Sunday, december 16th

St-Jean-de-Maruejols, demonstration

Monday, december 17th

Le Cannet des Maures, Var, 19:00 meeting at Maison du Paysan, ZAC la Gueiranne, Route du Vieux Cannet
Clermont-Ferrand, Jean-Marc Ayrault (prime minister) is announced !! Visiting the 92th infantry regiment

Friday, december 21st

- St Rivoal, Finistère, supportive gig at 20:00. You pay what you want. Collect of tools and clothes - Rap, Crust, Electropunk, French "chanson" Saturday, december 22nd

- Var, actions to come !