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Latest update : 14 April.

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  • Special Legal Flash Info

    29 November 2012

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by zadist News of five comrades arrested following the confrontations of Monday, November 26 at the barricades in front of the Sabot. The intervention of undercover (plain clothes) police is confirmed. They passed by the Vache Rit to ask for reinforcements at the barricades. On site they launched projectiles before seizing protesters at the moment of police charge. Filth! The cops claimed, falsely, that the summons had been issued. Those who took the heaviest (...)

  • FLASH INFO for Friday 23 Nov

    25 November 2012

    As with the previous episode, the data below are primarily from the flash-info from the ZAD website but also a bit of some mainstream media ... Friday, November 23 6:45 On our construction site, the cops came and busted the windows of huts. People are awakened with tear gas! 7am The cops are at the Rosier and the new cabins! 7:35 Well, the cops at the Rosier give us 30 minutes to leave. They are all around the forest, numerous, 500 according to the mainstream media. A barrage of lies to (...)

  • FLASH INFO for the Saturday 24 Nov

    25 November 2012

    As for the episode yesterday, the data below are primarily occasions flash-info from the ZAD zebsite but also a bit of some mainstream media. Saturday, November 24 7h The intersection of Moulin de Rohanne is blocked by the cops, in Atlantis, more than four trucks of riot police were seen taking the 4-way towards Vannes (and ... ZAD). 8:15 At the cabins at the Chestnut Plantation, there are people on rooftops. in the Rohanne forest, there are people in the treehouses. The cops are at (...)

  • FLASH INFO 10th of november

    11 November 2012

    17h44 : Here everything remains quiet. We little workers are all busy in one thing or another to prepare the re-occupation demo on the 17h. Except that, we still have another week to wait and face. Not exactly sur how things are going on. Would there be another wave of assaults ? or not ? Cap Atlantique : craftmen, shop owners, private professionnals and small companies are going to revolt ! "It’s up to the policians to spend less money, they shouldn’t tax us more to get the finances of (...)

  • FLASH INFO 9th of november

    11 November 2012

    20h : End of this daily flash info. For those who didn’t hear it during the day, here the Là-bas si j’y suis programme (in french) : 15h45 : The immediat arraignment in the Nantes Court that was going to happen today has been postponed to the 14th of December. Besides, two other people who were arrested on wenesday are put in trial in the Saint-Nazaire Court on the 24th of January. 12h30 : Some news from (...)

  • FLASH INFO on evictions for the 16 october

    9 November 2012

    THE INFOS OF TODAY FRIDAY 19 ARE HERE, OF YESTERDAY? THURSDAY 18th ARE HERE, YESTERDAYS 17th ARE THERE -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FOLLOW THE INFORMATION OF THE DAY IN THIS ARTICLE * If you are close to the Zad, there is a possibility to listen to the Radio Klaxon : 107.7 * Call out to come to the Zad, possible to meet up at the Vache rit * L’Acipa calls for meeting up at the Vache rit at 9h * Meeting this evening 19h at the Vache rit : => réunion déplacée au Sabot * We will give regulary News (...)

  • FLASH INFO for thursday 8 november

    9 November 2012

    [Some untranslatable poetry, but very beautiful though... You should check it on the French version !] 20h41 : We get the news that barricades are back on the road D281 between Ardillières and La Paquelais. To make sure that we still can circulate, barricades were put as sleeping policemen [note from the translator : I’m discovering this phrase... I would prefer them dead !!], as in a urban zone. And that’s true, there are so many people walking and riding bikes here !, so slown down on this (...)

  • FLASH INFO on evictions for the 7th of november

    8 November 2012

    Live news 6.30pm news of arrested people : Of the two arrested at 9.30am, one has been released and we still have no news of the second. We don’t know where the clown is, let’s hope he gives them a rough time. Two others were arrested a bit later and were taken to Sautron and seem to be there still. 5.30pm : Nothing new but plenty to do Thanks to Bred’Irie : Breton Lands, wher an airport project has been rejected through 40 years !! Help the struggle against the airport and the world that (...)

  • NEWS about the situation on Sunday, November 4

    5 November 2012

    => See below for the newswire of the day THE RE-CONQUERING MANIFESTATION WILL BE HELD ON NOVEMBER the 17 ! We need to prepare ! See HERE. We invite you especially to paste posters and pull it around to announce it around you. For english translations of the Flash info see HERE All translated content of the site HERE and here different other languages ITALIANO/ ESPAGNOLE ou NETHERLAND/ Infos in GERMAN or on See HERE for general informations, how (...)

  • FLASH INFO on evictions for 2nd November

    4 November 2012

    Voir plus bas pour le fil d’infos de la journée LA MANIF DE REOCCUPATION AURA LIEU LE 17 NOVEMBRE ! On a besoin de vous pour la préparer ! Voir ICI. On vous invite notamment à coller les affiches et tracter pour annoncer ça autour de chez vous. For english translations of the Flash info see HERE All translated english HERE and here different other languages ITALIANO/ ESPAGNOLE ou NETHERLAND/ Infos in GERMAN Voir PAR LA pour des infos générales, comment venir sur place, (...)

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