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Latest update : 14 April.

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  • FLASH INFO on the situation saturday the 3rd of november

    3 November 2012

    Newsthread As it’s almoste the weekend, let’s read newspaper... (be carefull with the mainstreams ;) : : *[le lien que vous avez donné du télégramme est payant donc pas accessible] * [image: -]10am : vans come to put their noses to the barricades on the road in front of the farouezt [image: -] 8am : some news of the arrested poeple yesterday evening : on the 6 that had been to Blain : 4 came around 23h30, one at 23h45, the last one is to be released (...)

  • FLASH INFO on the situation tuesday the 30st of october

    31 October 2012

    See below for the hour-by-hour newswire of the day. Thank you everyone for all the support and solidarity - it nourishes our determination! THE DEMONSTRATION for reoccupation is to BE HELD ON 17 NOVEMBER! To prepare the demo next appointment Tuesday, October 30 at 19:30 B17 in Nantes. See BY for general information, how to get there, photos and videos, results of last week, to reduce gear (updated today Monday 29) ... We invite you to join us for the next few days: Invitation for the (...)

  • FLASH INFO on the situation 26 of october

    29 October 2012

    1h59 : good night and see you tomorrow !:) 00h39 : the party continues , road is blocked! :) We have confirmation that the activist woman that had her camera out by a military on tuesday night in la Gaité has a broken finger on the left hand, 21 days off of work, and she went to register a complaint in Blain’s police office on thursday night. 23h : Everything is going on well, no bad visits on the ground of ZAD resistance party:) while i’m reading press, i’m wondering if Holland can still (...)

  • FLASH INFO on the situation of Monday 29 octobre

    29 October 2012

    See you tomorrow morning from 5am at "la Vache Rit" or the barricades! 10pm: end of the day, before the start of the next movement... cops are reported here and there... 8:20 p.m.: a police car going back and forth between the "la Vache Rit" & Notre Dame des Landes. Caution. 8pm: People told us that work continues under at "Pré Failly" under the usual police protection. The road is blocked. 5pm: And 17 pig trucks filled with riot cops (CRS) near Niort (on the road (...)

  • FLASH INFO on the situation 24 of october

    27 October 2012

    thanks to E for the translation 22h-23h : Cops have been on the side of the barricade of la Gaité and also an engin on the side of la Forêt de Rohane : the coming of the people made the engine go back on the truck ! 19h : it seems the day is over... So some good news before going to bed : nearly 70 people have gathered in Saint Nazaire tonight against expulsions, airport and all the rest ! A big solidarity collection have been made ; clothes, material to rebuild... la Pointe has been (...)


    27 October 2012

    One day more to "securize the zone".. In re-reading Press Océan today we find a chief cop weaping about ZAD which forced 80 military men more to be mobilized on the zone since 2 years, and this men would have been usefull for something else , for example fight against roberry. All the burglars of the zone listen : now it’s your time to manifest us solidarity ! 17h35 : people who wanted to rebuild the Préfaillite could’nt do it because of the cops. Apparently the comrads could go away without (...)


    27 October 2012

    The ZAD is an aeroport protest site in the west of France about 15 miles north of Nantes. The aeroport project was first proposed over forty years ago and has faced constant local resistance ever since. The project is in the hands of the multinational company Vinci, who also provide us with such « services » as prisons, motorways and nuclear power stations. It is the particular pet project of Jean Marc Ayrault, the former mayor of Nantes and current Prime Minister of France. In 2009 the area (...)

  • NEWS FLASH on the situation Thursday, October 25

    26 October 2012

    See below for the news of the day Click HERE for general information, how to get there, photos and videos, results of last week, stuff to bring ... We invite you to join us for this weekend:Invitation for the "second wave of expulsion"For the camp organized on this occasion (on not evictable zone), we need some big tops, tents or other structures. Let us know if you can lend some! Appointment Daily appointments: Notre Dame des Landes, from 9 a.m: “permanence team” at the post office (...)

  • Live infos on evictions

    22 October 2012

    We post infos live on evictions in french and translate them in english when we have time on daily articles: there is missing translations for the 23, 24 and 26 th October, if ever someone wants to help out..... thuesday the 16th wendsday the 17th thursday the 18th friday the 19th saturday the 20th sunday the 21th monday the 22nd [tuesday the 23th [wednesday the 24th thursday the 25th [friday the (...)

  • Flash info 21th october

    21 October 2012

    Fil d’infos de la journée -23h37 : we stop there for today. We’ve learned that during the day, they destroyed 2 on 3 houses at la Pré Faillit :/ which explain what the Digger and 2 Manitous where for, which had been seen during the day. The houses though, aren’t exactly on the territory of the Airport, regarding AGO they should be used as housing for their workers. So we’re going to sleep early to be in good shape tomorrow. You’ll find the Flash News link here or in opening the site ! No (...)

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