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Latest update : 14 April.

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  • FLASH INFO on evictions for the 17 October

    17 October 2012

    THE INFOS OF TODAY 18th ARE IN A NEW ARTICLE THERE FOLLOW THE INFORMATION OF THE DAY IN THIS ARTICLE * If you are close to the Zad, there is a possibility to listen to the Radio Klaxon : 107.7 * The number of the Legal Team is: 0675309545 * Contact presse : 06 65 67 76 95 * Call out for decentralized actions at the moment of the eviction everywhere ! Message for our friends out there: take care and keep resisting !! * translaitons in other languages: ITA et SPA sont disponibles sur (...)

  • Festive occupation at Liminbout, come join us!

    14 October 2012

    Saturday October 13th 8pm Over the last few days the ZAD has been under the threat of massive and imminent evictions, sources suggest that a vast military operation is planned for this for Tuesday October 16th. But we’re not staying on the defensive, passively awaiting the arrival of an army under command of Vinci / AGO. This is why the occupants and residents of the ZAD, together, have prepared the opening of an emptied house planned for demolition. Together, because we are aware that we (...)

  • Declaration read at the opening of a Vinci house at Liminbout

    14 October 2012

    Saturday october 13 2012 Friends from here, Friends from elsewhere, Many of you know these places. For those that live here, legally or not, it’s all familiar: Neighbours with whom we share moments of celebrations and exchanges, of struggle and resistance. The gardens we lovingly tend, farms punctuated by hourly milking, paths we find ourselves lost along while picking blackberries and mushrooms... Others of you may have come here for the first time. Because even those who have (...)

  • Higher risk of evictions on the ZAD

    14 October 2012

    Higher risk of evictions on the ZAD Several sources let us believe that evictions are imminent. We got wind of a first wave of evictions on Tuesday the 16th of October at dawn. We received precise informations about where troops will be staying, the planned route to access the area, the number of personnel involved (500 gendarmes). This first wave should concern houses that are already evictable and also the cabins. This should be followed by a second wave about ten days later, regarding (...)

  • Rumors of upcoming eviction

    4 September 2012

    UPDATE (Sept 9. 2012): Calm end of the week. It was a false alert. Journalists sources claim that CRS (anti-riot police) are gahering around Nantes. They claim that might be linked to evictions for the airoprt project. Since monday the 3rd of septembre, people taking part of the struggle recieved journalists calls stating that 3 CRS compagnies arrived in Nantes. This information would come from the Préfecture (local state representative). They concluded that it might be related to (...)

  • Baliff’s visit on occupied land

    5 April 2012

    For some time already, the expropriation judge has been coming under military escort to evaluate the agrigultural land which AGO-Vinci still have to expropriate. This morning (5th of april), a new step has been taken in their attempt to empty the zone. A bailiff passed by almost all of the pieces of land occupied by people in cabins, tents, vans and caravans, under the distant but vigilant eyes of at least 5 or 6 vans of riot pigs. He stayed at the entrance of most of the terrains he (...)

  • 3 busy days on the ZAD

    15 March 2012

    In the afternoon of monday March 5th the tenants of a house at les Ardillières moved out and left the house to the Conseil général (the owner). Two hours later the CG had a company board up the house. A few squatters came by and decided to have a word with the workers. Three cops show up and the squatters decide to call their mates. About twenty people show up and decide to squat the house. The workers and cops move out and call backup. The police had their tires stabbed. At 7 PM 5 sections (...)

  • Warning on the ZAD?

    25 February 2012

    From the outcomes of the court trials in September and October, the situation had seemed clear: The houses under the jurisdiction of Nantes who presented a defence (Le Rosier, La Sècherie, La Saulce) have a delay until November, while those that were not defended (Saint-Jean du Tertre, Le Pré Failli, L’Après Faillite) are evictable as of the 9th January. Houses under the jurisdiction of Saint-Nazaire (Les Planchettes, Bel Air, La Gaité, Le Tertre) are, in contrast, entitled to the winter truce (...)

  • Eviction document converted into eviction attempt

    19 January 2012

    The 13th of January, “Les Planchettes”, “Bel-Air”, “Le Tertre” and “La Gaité” received a letter from the baliff announcing that he had come to deliver a “document of eviction converted to an attempt at eviction” on the 10th, but hadn’t found anyone to give it to. He would also ask the police chief for help from the “forces of order”, but we still haven’t managed to know the response of the police chief. It seems they are going to try to not apply the “winter truce” (which means no evictions until March (...)

  • Attempt to recruit a mole in the woods

    1 January 2012

    For a telephone and some peanuts, NDDL, Oct-Nov They took us for greens? In a suburb of Nantes (15km in the direction of la ZAD) at the end of October, two people on bikes got stopped by a police car and an unmarked cop car. This was on the same day that Vinci’s offices were ’visited’ by around 50 people and the police straight away said that the people stopped were squatters and that they were involved in the action that afternoon against Vinci. In the street the cops pulled out a (...)

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