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Latest update : 8 May 2020.

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  • When the trees shake

    13 March 2013

    A documentary made by ZAD automedia about the big forest (forêt de Rohanne) before and after the evictions. Soon in better quality and with subtitles that are easier to read :)

  • When the Trees fume

    3 March 2013

    In french and in english. From the team that brought you When the Trees Shake this film starts off where the last one ended. Begining with the skillshare week held in the Rohanne forest, the film goes on to show how the evictions continued escalating, culminating with the announcement of a temporary halt to the destruction of natural areas in the zone. This film also addresses issues around ecology, our own ecological impact, different tactics employed and violence within the struggle. A (...)

  • Evictions: Videos

    15 January 2013

    Vidéos Le tonneau des Danaïdes et la ZAD... un documentaire de 52 minutes. Le lien de visionnage du documentaire : Quand les arbres s’agitent Un documentaire sur la forêt de Rohanne avant et pandant les expulsions. Venez reconstruire avec nous ! Très bons reportages de Rennes Vainquons VIN$$I Reportage les premiers jours de résistance aux expulsions sur la ZAD, (...)

  • Videos from the French section of the website

    15 January 2012

    There are plenty of videos available but they are mostly in French. Check them out anyway...