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Latest update : 19 October 2021.

Ce site recueille des voix du mouvement d’occupation. Des voix plutôt que la voix : nous sommes une multitudes de groupes et d’individus avec des idées communes mais aussi beaucoup de différences.

Dans cette rubrique vous trouverez :
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- voir plein d’autres choses...

Articles in this section

  • Call out for actions during the moment of eviction of the ZAD

    25 October 2012

    In this autumn of 2012, the opposition to the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project is entering a delicate phase. The response which it may elicit from outside the area directly affected will be the deciding factor for the future of this battle. To create a Deferred Development Zone, ZAD, (land set aside for major development), to compulsory purchase and demolish homes and then to certify the project as a ‘d’utilité publique’, DUP, (declaration of public interest) before even starting the (...)

  • Open Letter to the Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique Department

    22 October 2012

    Open Letter to the Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique Department Sir: the violence over which you preside is hardly a "proportionate response"! This morning you took pride in the "restraint" showed by your men. It’s true that your superiors at Chefresne* have already demonstrated their ability to injure a great many people in a short space of time. Three people seriously injured, one of whom has since lost an eye, just another one to add to that list†, and 25 minor injuries in a few minutes. (...)

  • Callout — A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire...

    8 June 2012

    And as the empire grows, the community must also grow, and look for those to join the fight... For a rural area of farms, fields, houses, marshlands and forests, 25 km north of the city of Nantes, France, a storm cloud has been gathering for over 40 years. As an integral part of the massive expansion of the so-called «ecometropole» of the grand-ouest, the local government has been buying up an area of over 1000 hectares to make way for the construction of a so-called «high quality (...)

  • Auto-media

    18 December 2011

    Auto-media What is that? Auto-media is the will to self organize our own media, in whatever form. To no longer leave the monopoly on information to the mass media, who lick the boots of power. To no longer leave their lies and their propaganda to form and mold our ideas. For the freedom of choice and opinion, for freedom in general, and for another truth different from the one they distribute to us by radio and television, manipulated as it is by the powers that be. When important news is (...)

  • Perched on a tree!

    2 September 2011

    Text of the flyer handed out during the action on September the 2nd 2011: While you walk the streets, nose glued to the floor, we’re climbing the trees so that, for a second, you raise your eyes to the sky ... We occupy this park to share with you a moment of dialogue and encounter. For several years, a movement has been emerging against the proposed Notre Dame des Landes airport, which has taken form in a wave of occupation. At the heart of the 1600 hectares of confiscated agricultural (...)

  • Nantes plans to build a new airport – could it become the French Heathrow?

    13 July 2011

    The Human Aeroplane – with the defiant message: “We will win”. John Stewart reports from his recent visit to the Nantes campaign, after returned from visiting them in South West France. 4,500 people demonstrated against plans for a new airport on Sunday 12th July and 14,000 over 2 days. This could become the ‘French Heathrow’. The site of a victory as iconic as the struggle against the third runway. Nantes already has an airport, but wants to build a huge new one instead, on beautiful (...)

  • An inspiration to us all – The ZAD

    9 May 2011

    Isn’t the countryside noisy? The life which reverberates all around you in Notre Dame des Landes is astounding, a reminder of the world we have to save. The crickets never stop singing, every time you sit still some weird and wonderful new bug crawls across your leg, and the sides of the roads are packed with wild roses, bluebells, and forget-me-nots. But it’s all under threat. The government of France is locked into an unholy alliance that is depressingly familiar. Here, as in Sipson, Hasty (...)

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