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Récits (actions, manifs...)

Latest update : 11 June 2019.

Une rubrique pour regrouper tous les récits reçus d’actions de soutien, de manifs, sur la zad ou ailleurs

pour archive, un retour sur la période des expulsions: récits et nouvelles des actions d’ailleurs :
du 16/10 au 10/11
du 11 au 22/11
du 23/11 au 3/12
du 4 au 16/12
du 17 décembre au 16 janvier 2013
18 et 19 janvier, 2 jours d’actions contre Vinci : récits et nouvelles d’actions
depuis le 19 janvier

- une mise en page d’une Chronologie des actions directes en solidarité avec la ZAD (du 16 octobre au 27 novembre) téléchargeable ici.

Articles in this section

  • talks from occupants at the demo in Nantes, the 20 of october

    5 November 2012

    Thank you to be so many today. For five days now, we’ve been thrown out from most of our houses : la Belichroute has been put on fire at the begining of the evictions, Les Planchettes, as well as Le Tertre, L’Isolette, a collective house in La Forêt de Rohanne, and its neighbourhood have already been destroyed by their digging machine. Bel Air, La Gaité, a house in Grandchamps, La Pointe and the three houses of La Préfaillite have been walled up or even destroyed for a part of it. In spite of (...)

  • About evictions and current resistance

    5 November 2012

    From tuesday morning (16th of october), the ZAD has been invaded and occupied 24 hours a day by hundreds of policemen. They are putting down, step by step, the occupied houses and huts. They destroy and take them away, brick by brick, out of the area to prevent us rebuilding or resisting. Places and gardens still occupied are regularly harassed, covered with tear gas, trampled... Police try to prevent us gathering and having meetings. From tuesday, occupying people and people who joined us (...)

  • They put us out onto the street, we’ll occupy the road!

    27 October 2012

    Yesterday, during the night of the 26th October, we liberated a part of the road between Vigneux-de-Bretagne and Les Ardillères, and made it into a area for free expression. To protect this newly liberated space we made some barricades in our style. We’re certainly hindering the movement of machines and cars that run on oil, but we opened this space for the free movement of the people and natural species which are often crushed by these machines. For two weeks the ZAD has been cordened off (...)

  • Open Letter to the Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique Department

    22 October 2012

    Open Letter to the Prefect of the Loire-Atlantique Department Sir: the violence over which you preside is hardly a "proportionate response"! This morning you took pride in the "restraint" showed by your men. It’s true that your superiors at Chefresne* have already demonstrated their ability to injure a great many people in a short space of time. Three people seriously injured, one of whom has since lost an eye, just another one to add to that list†, and 25 minor injuries in a few minutes. (...)

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