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wilrijk (belgium) risque d’expulsions

lundi 2 septembre 2013

des camarades occupant une forêt en Belgique sont sous la menace d’une expulsion. La pression policière se renforce et les policiers ont annoncé que l’expulsion interviendrait dans les deux semaines (autour du 16 septembre). Les copinEs prennent toutes les mesures pour se préparer et résister à l’expulsion. Les contacts pour les joindre sont en fin d’’article.

forest occupation wilrijk (belgium) under eviction threat

a group of 10 armed cops visited the forest occupation last week, taking photos of everything. The 2 forest rangers who had visited before (and who didnt carry id and who didnt know any of the plants) were with them, finding the whole situation very amusing.

Helicopters have been flying over, low, both during the day and at night.

The police said they were expecting to evict us in 2 or 3 weeks time (around the 16th)

So far the owner hasnt been able to cut because of all sorts of legal periods for appeal, but these are ending on the 9th. We expect to be evicted before the end of the month, most likely around the 16th.

We could use all the support we can get both to prepare for and resist the eviction.

Please help us spread this message.

for more info : > > > 0032485507274