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Latest update : 16 July 2020.

Flyers, newspapers, posters, audio and video, etc.

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  • NDDL [Carnet]

    Chroniques dessinées de la Zone À Défendre

  • Résistance NDDL : des vidéos sur la lutte

    Quelques vidéos d’un compagnon de lutte

  • Zad social rap

    "Nous vivons sur la ZAD de NDDL (ou nous y passons) et nous ne faisons pas d’agriculture comme certain-e-s de nos camarades... Tous les enregistrements sont fait sur la ZAD et des Ateliers d’écriture et d’enregistrement ont lieu tous les mercredi après-midi à la Freuzière ! Vous êtes tous invité. Ici, vous trouverez la plupart des sons qu’on a enregistrés. Pour les avoir tous, passez nous voir sur la ZAD !!"

Articles in this section

  • Pictures of homes and buildings at the ZAD

    12 April 2018

    So as not to forget, because we don’t want to let them do it, while the military operation launched to attack our homes beginning on 9 April continues, we want to take you on a little tour of the cabins at the ZAD, starting with the ones that have been destroyed in the past few days. BUILDINGS DESTROYED SINCE THE START OF THE EVICTION OPERATION (list not complete, photos added gradually) The group home Les 100 Noms, destroyed 9 April 2018: The agricultural shed and sheepfold at Les 100 (...)

  • When the trees shake

    13 March 2013

    A documentary made by ZAD automedia about the big forest (forêt de Rohanne) before and after the evictions. Soon in better quality and with subtitles that are easier to read :)

  • When the Trees fume

    3 March 2013

    In french and in english. From the team that brought you When the Trees Shake this film starts off where the last one ended. Begining with the skillshare week held in the Rohanne forest, the film goes on to show how the evictions continued escalating, culminating with the announcement of a temporary halt to the destruction of natural areas in the zone. This film also addresses issues around ecology, our own ecological impact, different tactics employed and violence within the struggle. A (...)

  • Photos des expulsions

    15 January 2013

    Photos Quelques dessins de la bataille de notre-dame-des-landes, le 23/11/12, d’après des photos trouvées sur différents sites d’information : Album photos Reconstruction Reconstruction Album photos de la Manifestation de réoccupation 17 Novembre Manifestation Reoccupation 17 novembre D’autres photos du 17 novembre, dont on nous a transmis les liens : quelques photos de la manif et du 17 : (...)

  • Evictions: Videos

    15 January 2013

    Vidéos Le tonneau des Danaïdes et la ZAD... un documentaire de 52 minutes. Le lien de visionnage du documentaire : Quand les arbres s’agitent Un documentaire sur la forêt de Rohanne avant et pandant les expulsions. Venez reconstruire avec nous ! Très bons reportages de Rennes Vainquons VIN$$I Reportage les premiers jours de résistance aux expulsions sur la ZAD, (...)

  • Anti coal forest occupation in Germany

    30 July 2012

    A radio emission about a forest occupation near cologne, Germany. Nice music mixed with info about the beautiful forest itself, the occuoation, the greenwash tactics of the companies involved in the carbon business and an overview of events going on there this summer and autumn: climate camp, unevictable festival, restistance action.... Enjoy!

  • Land occupations: here on the ZAD and elsewhere in the world

    14 May 2012

    A radio emission about the redistribution of land by AGO, the reactions of squatters and some farmers. An attempt to divide resistants that ends up in a joint venture to plant biological corn.

  • Cyclists looking for land, critical masses, great singing, and bike stuff

    9 May 2012

    A radio emission about the "cyclists looking for land", a bike tour going from Lille to the ZAD spreading the word about a different type of agriculture, about plenty of different biketours and critical masses going on this year, and about bike stuff in general.

  • Hungerstrike

    9 May 2012

    An interview with one of the farmers on hungerstrike in Nantes, and the reactions of some of the people living on the ZAD. Also some info about who else in the world is on hungerstrike at the moment and a short introduction to what spiritual resistance might be.

  • Khimky, Pussy riot and repression in Russia

    22 April 2012

    A radiointerview with Jaroslaw from the ecological movement "Habitat" about the khimky forest Vinci started deforesting last year, about "Pussy riot", a feminist punk band critical of Putin and environmental destruction, and about repression in Russia in general.

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