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When the Trees fume

Sunday 3 March 2013

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From the team that brought you When the Trees Shake this film starts off where the last one ended. Begining with the skillshare week held in the Rohanne forest, the film goes on to show how the evictions continued escalating, culminating with the announcement of a temporary halt to the destruction of natural areas in the zone.

This film also addresses issues around ecology, our own ecological impact, different tactics employed and violence within the struggle.

A must see for all those who hate airports!

"We don’t like this film."- Vinci

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1 The film begins by seeing the occupation in the forest rebuilt afteer the last eviction during a skillshare week,

Quand les arbres fulminent - 1è partie

sur youtube:

2 This section looks at our own ecological impact on the zone, it combines three texts written on the ZAD which can also be found in the Forest Zine.

These texts concern: the cutting of trees to make barricades, bad building practices and some general ideas about how to make activism sustainable.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 2è partie

3 This section looks at the first day of a weekend long eviction from the perspective of those on the ground. It shows people successfully blocking the machines meant to destroy treehouses and explains the tactic of mudding the police.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 3è partie

4. this section looks at the second day of the weekend long eviciton from the perspective of those on the ground. Showing images from what has been called ’the battle of roahnne’ where hundreds of people came to defend the forest facing extreme police repression, this section contains interviews with a doctor and detailed accounts of injuries incured from the police weapons. It shows a pacific action to expose this violence.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 4è partie

5. This section addresses the assumption that the ZAD is a pacifist movement, with arguments about the definition of violence being dependent on position in social class, that violence is not just a reaction to the police but a tactic and that the existence of the struggle today is dependent of violent reactions. It also outlines the importence of a diversity of tactics.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 5è partie

6. This section looks at the weekend of evictions from the perspective of those in the trees. It talks about the unsafe manner from which people were evicted from the trees, as well as the impact of the evictions on the animals in the forest. It also addresses the issue of the workers carrying out the evictions and how some of them have been forced to work against their will.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 6è partie
Quand les arbres fulminent - 7è partie

7. This final section looks at the law which exists to protect wetland areas. It describes the announcement made the night after the weekend of evictions of a temporary halt to the destruction of natural areas in the zone. And finishes with an appeal to those who now wish to build in the forest to do so with care to the nature around them.

Quand les arbres fulminent - 8è partie