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Practical informations

Latest update : 14 March 2019.

On regroupe les infos pratiques pour venir sur la ZAD, nous contacter, ...

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Articles in this section

  • In case of arrest

    9 January 2013

    In case of arrest: If you are arrested, alert the people around you so they can inform the legal team. If you witness an arrest, call the number of the legal team which is on this flyer, and give: a physical description of the person arrested aswell as the clothes they are wearing, aswell as the time, the circumstances and place of the arrest. Never give any name over the telephone, nor any kind of information about the crimes maybe commited (for example: “my friend was doing a tag...”). (...)

  • List of materials that could be useful here

    29 November 2012

    To start, two specific requests in "human resources" .. is looking for a dentist who is willing to receive people free or in exchange for donations and also an osteopath List updated November 28, 2012 * New updates for construction and medic! Bicycles! Caravans for auto-Media and the medic team Boots and Socks Chocolate and tobacco (or we could manage it ourselves) She-pees Oil Lamps (to see after 18h!) aluminum tape We had two forges in the Chestnut plantation and the cops (...)

  • TO READ - practical Informations on the evictions

    4 November 2012

    For all translations of the English content of the site, see HERE Photos of the first week of eviction: Expulsions, 1ere vague - 16 au 21 octobre 2012 Photos of the second week of eviction: Expulsions, 2eme vague - 22 au 28 octobre 2012 Photos of the third week of eviction: Expulsions, 3eme vague - 29 au ...octobre 2012 Photos of solidarity: Solidarité diverse Photos of eviction: Expulsions diverse Much more photos : ICI There are still plenty of places occupied (land and two (...)

  • INFOS to how to join us on the ZAD

    4 November 2012

    * there is the possibility to get news about what is happening at each moment here on this site where we try to give you regulary news, see FLASH INFO articles. We try also to indicate the road situation and controls, but we can’t assure a full overview considering all points of filtering. * You can always come to the "Hors contrôle" camp (between "les Domaines" and "La Rolandière" on the D81 between Vigneux and Fay) to eat, to rest, find some warm clothes..etc. There is a little campsite as (...)

  • About the reoccupation demo

    23 October 2012

    The precise date of the reoccupation demo is confirmed : 17th of November ( flyer and posters here ) ===On the evictions and current resistance=== The ZAD was invaded, and three-eighths occupied by hundreds of police of all kinds last Tuesday morning (16/10/2012). Little by little, they attacked the occupied houses and huts, destroying them, and scrupulously removing all of the debris from the zone in order that nothing that might serve the resistance or reconstruction be left behind. (...)