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Latest update : 11 January 2023.

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    Le site de l’Association Citoyenne Intercommunale des Populations concernées par le projet d’Aéroport de Notre Dame des Landes.

  • Collectif Nantais Contre l’Aéroport

    Le CNCA est un collectif nantais présent sur la lutte de l’aéroport depuis maintenant plusieurs années. Nous nous sommes rencontréEs autour de la lutte contre le projet d’aéroport. Nous souhaitions porter cette lutte au cœur de la métropole Nantaise. Assez vite lors de nos discussions, nous nous sommes renduEs compte que la question de l’aéroport n’était qu’un maillon de projets bien plus larges qui touchent tous les territoires et leurs habitantEs entre Nantes et St Nazaire.

  • Comité antirépression issu de la lutte contre l’aéroport

    Le groupe d’antirépression de Nantes

  • Naturalistes en lutte

  • Occupation militante ou militaire ?

    Un blog d’habitant-e-s de la ZAD.

Articles in this section


    2 July 2019

    G7 BLOKATU COLLECTIVE LET’S IMPEACH THE G7 AND ITS WORLD ! G7 BLOKATU is a collective of people opposed to the G7 summit which will take place in Biarritz from August the 24th to the 26th. Coming from the civil society or engaged activists, we carry with us the urgent need of a better world, at the opposite of the one represented by their summit. Capitalism embodies itself in these seven Heads of State and their side-kicks who gather in the Basque Country. They will be bunkerised, (...)

  • Actions against the Brussels Maxi-Prison!

    4 February 2019

    Actions against the Brussels Maxi-Prison! February-March 2019. Chemin du Keelbeek, Brussels (Zad de Haren). After 9 years of resistance, the Belgian state and the companies still insist on starting work on the Brussels Maxi-Prison and have set themselves a date: to lay the foundations by the end of January and to start construction in the spring of 2019. They may plan to start building, but that does not mean the end of the fight! This is a call to intensify the resistance through any (...)

  • G7 and its world to the pyre

    28 January 2019

    G7 and its world to the pyre Hi folks, how’s it going? They call me Maiti, grand-daughter of the heretics they never could burn. Heiress of ancestor’s knowledge, magical plants energy is running through my veins, tales music sounding in my head. I’m flying broom and megaphone in hands. I was lately at Notre Dame des Landes’s ZAD, i have been adopted by Aman Komunak’s network comrades, in order to unite popular movements and self-managed projects in the Basque Country. I come up with terrible (...)

  • Callout for solidarity with the Swamp, Pays-Bas

    4 November 2018

    CALLOUT FOR SOLIDARITY WITH THE SWAMP (Utrecht, Kanaleneiland, Netherlands) 02 of november, the place have been evicted. For more information, please contact the Swamp media team on 0644903358 This week the judge decided to make the eviction of the Swamp possible. This means that birds, rabbits, bats, rats, insects and people lose their living space and a young forest will be killed. All to make space for more asphalt, another distribution center and a busparking that could be built (...)

  • EMERGENCY CALL OUT In support of the international campaign “# Yo Prefiero el Lago”, say No to the construction of the New International Airport of Mexico

    24 October 2018

    EMERGENCY CALL OUT In support of the international campaign “# Yo Prefiero el Lago”, say No to the construction of the New International Airport of Mexico NAIM, during the referendum of the 25th-28th October The proposal is to take a picture of planes trails in your sky and to write “ your first name or organization, your location ” and “ NO MORE AIRPORT, I PREFER THE CLIMATE ” or “ YO PREFIERO EL LAGO, NO MAS AEROPUERTOS ” and to send it to the campaign: # YO PREFIERO EL LAGO Summary of (...)

  • Camping Passamontagna

    28 August 2018

    PASSAMONTAGNA FROM THE 19TH TO THE 23RD OF SEPTEMBER Five days of struggle against borders On the French-Italian border, on the mountains between Bardonecchia and Claviére The system of border control is much more than an imaginary line. It is a system of control that selects and divides, that opens and closes according to economic and political interests. A system, which allows commodities and capital to flow freely and which blocks and pushes back those who are not considered “useful”. (...)

  • risk of eviction at Hambach Forest

    28 August 2018

    The Hambacher Forst next to Cologne is an old Forest in one of the biggest coal mine in Germany. Now RWE starts to prepare the next cutting saison. The Information was spread that the police will start the eviction of the tree houses and infrastructures from the 22.08. till the 22.9. so that RWE can start in the cutting saison directly. Its very likely that when they start this year in the cutting saison that at the end of the cutting saison (end of february) the forest is gone. So there (...)

  • From Rojava to la ZAD in NDDL

    30 April 2018

    Our doors will be always open for those who fight for freedom

  • Hip Hop Emeraude Festival - Soirée de soutien à la ZAD de NDDL

    20 April 2018

    Soirée de soutien à la ZAD de NDDL dans le cadre du hip hop émeraude festival à Bressuire (79). Ça sera dans un bar : "El mexicano", 29 rue de la tourette 79300 bressuire le jeudi 26 avril à 20h. De plus une caisse anti-rep sera à disposition tout au long du festival. Plus d’info sur www.habitus poing

  • When Will They Really Stop Attacking the ZAD?!

    15 April 2018

    When Will They Really Stop Attacking the ZAD?! At least three people were arrested this morning during the massive deployment and forced entrance of gendarmes into several locales at the ZAD, again and further increasing tension. In parallel, the Prefect – this is not her first contradictory act or statement – had announced a halt to the military/police eviction operations in the ZAD after a week of destruction of homes and agricultural spaces. The inter-group assemblies that bring together (...)

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