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Actions against the Brussels Maxi-Prison!

Monday 4 February 2019

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Actions against the Brussels Maxi-Prison!

February-March 2019.

Chemin du Keelbeek, Brussels (Zad de Haren).

After 9 years of resistance, the Belgian state and the companies still insist on starting work on the Brussels Maxi-Prison and have set themselves a date: to lay the foundations by the end of January and to start construction in the spring of 2019. They may plan to start building, but that does not mean the end of the fight!

This is a call to intensify the resistance through any type of actions on the building site and against the actors participating in this Maxi-Prison project. We will pressure them until they stop this project which undermines society and nature along with any prospect of a future belonging to the people!

February 2019

Call for action against the start of the construction site. The construction site is at Keelbeek Road, 1000 Brussels (Haren). If you want to join the planned actions and / or for more info:

March 2019

Anti-prison festival and mobilization against the actors (Belgian State and Cafasso consortium) participating in the construction of this Maxi-Prison and for alternatives! From March 22 to 27, mobilization, concerts, discussions, reception planned. Contact address:

No prison, not in Haren, not anywhere!

The project of a Maxi-Prison was born in 2008, in the Belgian Council of Ministers, an opaque assembly of centralized power. It plans to destroy 19 hectares of arable land, the last green lung in the north of Brussels, in order to imprison 1,200 people, far from the city, in isolation from the community. The site is commissioned by the Belgian State and is executed by Cafasso, a consortium of companies housing some of the worst multinationals, specialists in tax evasion amongst other crimes. Today, the budget is over 3 billion euros!

Against this Maxi-Prison, and against all prisons! The prison system is a scourge!

In the daily life of the detainees, there is only violence, dehumanization, isolation, stigmatization and suppression of future prospects.

It is a scam, because it acts like more security will solve the problem, it is cowardly because it imputes individual responsibility when we are collectively responsible, it installs a system built on revenge through its obedience to the principles of painful punishment.

It is a weapon of social war, always attacking the same social classes, people of race and those who refuse the format provided by the current system of domination and production.

When we see the growing repression facing yellow jackets, or indeed anyone trying to make their voices heard, we cannot let this prison be built and muzzle all those who want to defend their rights!

We call for resistance and actions against the Maxi-Prison and against any form of detention! February-March 2019!