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“It Will Burn Forever”: From Appalachia to la ZAD

Wednesday 11 April 2018

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The following is a statement of solidarity from the Three Sisters anti-pipeline camp in Appalachia with the ZAD (Zone to Defend), located in France. Over the last two days, the ZAD has faced brutal police raids by the French State in an attempt to clear the stateless territory. In response, thousands of people have fought back to defend their homes and farmlands. For more information on resistance to the raid and for background on the ZAD, go here.

Today, thousands of French police met fierce resistance in their attempt to evict the ZAD. From the forests of Appalachia, we are watching.

As momentum has built to stop the ACP, we have drawn much inspiration and strength in our struggles against infrastructure from near and far. Be it the indigenous struggles for autonomy and dignity at Standing Rock or the struggles against the airport and its world at Notre Dame des Landes. While we recognize these struggles for Tierra y Libertad extend back hundreds of years, across every continent, the ZAD at Notre Dame des Landes has represented a particularly resilient and uncompromising point of conflict against the state and capital. We have watched with tearful eyes and clenched fists as the forces of order once again attempt to dismantle the Zone.

As the snow falls in the foothills and mountains where we stand in occupied Monacan and Tutelo territory, we see the first signs of life after a long winter. As the seasons change, we are reminded that the only thing that makes their property lines real is that there is someone there to enforce them. We celebrate your resistance, our hearts beat with you. Even in Buckingham County, we know that tout le monde déteste la police.

They can try to destroy us, but they can never destroy our spirit. The spirit of the ZAD is on fire right now, and it will burn forever.