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List of materials that could be useful here

Thursday 29 November 2012

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To start, two specific requests in "human resources" .. is looking for a dentist who is willing to receive people free or in exchange for donations and also an osteopath

List updated November 28, 2012 * New updates for construction and medic!

- Bicycles!
- Caravans for auto-Media and the medic team
- Boots and Socks
- Chocolate and tobacco (or we could manage it ourselves)
- She-pees
- Oil Lamps (to see after 18h!)
- aluminum tape
- We had two forges in the Chestnut plantation and the cops have seized them. We’re looking for others.


Make photocopies and prints of maps, posters and stickers
- We’re looking for a good plan to get photo printing medium and large format
- Good screen prints / T-shirt prints


Caravans Tent Mattress Blankets Childcare Kit Cabins Gas Firewood Candles Small furniture: shelves, tables, coat racks, etc.. Climbing plants (!)


We do not need more clothes, we have storage problems!

There are just some things that are still needed, like:

Rain boots! Socks! Leggings, tights, under pants Neckwarmers Gardening gloves warm and kind, scarves, hats, hoods, backpacks waxed / normal, raincoats, etc.. (Hooded!) Belts.

Materials for La Grée

English List of tools for La Grée

- Pick axe (many many many, first tool to bring)
- Shovels, Spades
- Handles for Pick axe, shovels, spades ect.
- Mining Bars
- Sledge Hammer
- Pots, Pans
- Plastic Tubs to Wash dishes
- Scaffolding
- Scrap Metal
- Talkie Walkies
- Matresses
- Blankets
- Nails and Screws
- Fencing
- Hand Saw
- Tires
- Crow Bars
- Bolt Cutters
-  Motor Oil
- Metal wire
- String
- Cheap old cars for 150 euros from second hand
- Mirrors
- Wash Machine
- Brooms
- Black or Military Clothing
- Pallets
- Excercise Elastics
- Candles
- Laser Pointers
- Portable Speakers, (anything to make music you are not afraid to loose)
- Climbing Gear (Carabiner, Rope ect.)
- Paint
- Spray Paint
- Baloons
- Gas Bottles
- Aluminium Foil
- Gaz mask
- Oil
- Welding machine
- Radios
- Chairs
- Pulleys
- Jack hammer
- Fire extinguisher


! Stop for the moment! : serum physical compresses sanitary towels Betadine

Still Missing: kit for stitches sterile gloves dressings Biseptine bands fine tip tweezers citro more

and always Ventolin Maalox or xolaam, lemons or lemon juice Dressings, plaster, tourniquet bands Blankets Drugs against dental / urinary infections Cold compresses chemical Chauffes-main/pieds Propolis, Medoc against colds, ear plugs, herbs and essential oils, green clay, sea salt clean Backpacks medic teams, dsa / ambulance, mattresses hull cannula Goedel, urguettes, freezing bags waterproof zip

PQ, napkins, Mooncup, pads, she-pees


- Food

Dried fruit Vinegar Lemon (juice) stuff for carrying about (granola bars, dried fruit, chocolate, cookies and gluten free cookies Vegan food (tofu, B12, milk plants, yeast, vegetable butters without palm oil ..) Chocolate powder, breakfast cereals Garlic and onions, mustard, olive oil, legumes (lentils, split peas, chickpeas, beans), grains (bulgur, semolina ...), spices (nutmeg, cumin, ginger), milk, sugar, honey, jams, eggs

- Utensils

Garbage bags Freezer bags Large food containers, buckets, lids Storage Boxes large size Canisters Bottles of 1 and 5 liters water / cans Kitchen equipment large volumes (catering), pans, plates, Large gas burners Bilig (pancakes) Kitchen knives, Rickshaw hand soap Dish soap Kettles, electric or not, thermos and coffee makers, Italian Of tupperware


Computers that support video data, video cards FM handheld radios and small if possible Walkie talkies Pens, binoculars, batteries (AA and AAA), paint (pink), markers, pens vélédas, plastic sleeves to protect maps Reams of paper Ralllonges / strips / reels Battery Chargers Various chargers (ordis, portable ..)


bikes and bike repair materials (tire patches, tires, inner tubes) Gasoline


Gas Masks Lamps Headlamps Diving goggles / ski Physical protection (arms, legs ..) things that explode to brighten the barricades


Tools (shovels, picks, etc. ..) Greenhouses tarps


new applications on 28 November! Bolts / screws / nuts fasteners 50/70/90/11/210/240 pipes stoves generator screwdriver metal drill forest wood grinder mass cutting disc discs barber circular saw jigsaw hole saw hammer pallets boards 27 mm lumber 75/200 any timber parquet any floor coating small bundle of straw dry big strap -> heavy weight attached metallic trunk

and always resistant tape Ribbons (electric hose) Scaffolding Tools: hammers and sledges, saws, chainsaw, ax, ax, ropes Tarpaulins (tarps and thermal) Spray paint Brushes Paint pot: black, green, red, slate Gasoline Various insulation Corrugated sheet metal Large elastic / tensioners Gutter hooks (basically, gutters) water carriers: 200L, 500L, 1000L Cords and power strips


Ropes, carabiners, polypropylene 4 and 10 mm, harnesses

There is always need a helping hand, and construction equipment.

Do not hesitate to look in your barn, make a trip to the dump the corner ....

financial support is also possible by sending checks to the association "Living without airport"

"Vivre sans l’aéroport"

La Primaudière

44130 Notre-Dame-Des-Landes

- To transfer:

Postal Bank

Establishment 20041

Account No.: 1162852D032

IBAN: FR83 2004 1010 1111 6285 2D03 236


There is also a link to raise money here because the bank trasfers does not always work :

Thank you,