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Callout for solidarity with the Swamp, Pays-Bas

Sunday 4 November 2018

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CALLOUT FOR SOLIDARITY WITH THE SWAMP (Utrecht, Kanaleneiland, Netherlands)

02 of november, the place have been evicted. For more information, please contact the Swamp media team on 0644903358

This week the judge decided to make the eviction of the Swamp possible. This means that birds, rabbits, bats, rats, insects and people lose their living space and a young forest will be killed. All to make space for more asphalt, another distribution center and a busparking that could be built somewhere else.

The judge ignored that the owner; Borghese Real Estate B.V., hasn’t even asked for permits to cut the trees on the part of the Swamp that is not destroyed yet.

We won’t let yet another one of the very few places of green in the city of Utrecht be killed. We won’t move from out self built community where we live together with nature, as self sufficient as possible, and free.

We call out to all people to defend nature here with us, or in your own way, everywhere. We expect the eviction of the Swamp soon after Wednesday the 31st of October, next week.