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risk of eviction at Hambach Forest

Tuesday 28 August 2018

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The Hambacher Forst next to Cologne is an old Forest in one of the biggest coal mine in Germany. Now RWE starts to prepare the next cutting saison. The Information was spread that the police will start the eviction of the tree houses and infrastructures from the 22.08. till the 22.9. so that RWE can start in the cutting saison directly. Its very likely that when they start this year in the cutting saison that at the end of the cutting saison (end of february) the forest is gone.

So there are various actions and structures planned with different action levels to bring a lot of people in the forest or to help with infrastructures,... to stop the eviction and the cutting. Also solidarity action in the cities are good for attention.

So if you want more information or when you are planning to come, also just for a day, when you have needs like sleeping places,... contact us. We will try to arrange it.

From Cologne there are some people spontanously in the forest and supporting infractures.

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