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G7 and its world to the pyre

Monday 28 January 2019

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G7 and its world to the pyre

Hi folks, how’s it going?

They call me Maiti, grand-daughter of the heretics they never could burn. Heiress of ancestor’s knowledge, magical plants energy is running through my veins, tales music sounding in my head.

I’m flying broom and megaphone in hands. I was lately at Notre Dame des Landes’s ZAD, i have been adopted by Aman Komunak’s network comrades, in order to unite popular movements and self-managed projects in the Basque Country. I come up with terrible news. You might have heard about it, the council of the supreme inquisition must meet in Biarritz at the end of August 2019. They will come and crush the world they are destroying, protected by weapons and barriers. They want to nail us on the cross of money and arrogance.

These executioners have no idea where they are going to set foot. This vassal mayor of Biarritz does not know, by blowing on the embers of their vile dogma, what storm he will wake up. What will be the anger of the plebs, rooted in the struggle. They do not scare us.

Joining all our forces, we set them a party: we will prepare them a huge barbecue, because we are fed up with their lies, wars, profits, injustices. Together and everyone in their own way, let’s poison the banquet!

Witches, leprechauns, wizards, impious, pariahs, dragons and newts all over the Basque Country and everywhere else: let’s get out of our caves and forests. Let’s heat the cauldrons. May this G7 summit in Biarritz be the hell of capitalism and the sabbath of the revolution. And the next day, continue to sow resistance and construction to the four winds, in joy and diversity.

Land and freedom!

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