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[Antinuke] Invitation to the Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2018

Monday 15 January 2018

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Hello to all anti-nuclear interested people and activists!

   We would like to draw your attention to the date of the next International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2018 from 6th - 12th of August in France.    When: 6th to 12th August 2018    What: Gathering and networking for anti-nuclear groups and interested people and activists    Where: Near Narbonne, France    More information will follow soon in the new year.    We would like to take the opportunity of a short reference on a current topic related as regards content with our upcoming gathering: Recently, on 16th of December, a banner demonstration was held by independent anti-nuclear activists and the group "SofA" against uranium transports at the central station in Münster, Germany. With this action they wanted to raise awareness for the high risks of these regularly shipments through densely inhabited areas. A speaker with SofA informed that these uranium transports are frequently brought via Hamburg, Germany, to Southern France to Areva’s Malvési facility near Narbonne - basically every month. That’s exactly the area where the next International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp will take place! With that gathering we want to raise the awareness for these uranium transports and processing.    So save the date and spread the message please!    In solidarity,  the camp preparation team    Contact: