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Mobilization CLIMATE JUSTICE ACTION 6th-7th august at the camp in Bure

Tuesday 21 July 2015

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*CLIMATE JUSTICE ACTION grassroots meeting*

As December draws nearer, it is clear that the UN climate negotiations (COP21) in Paris will not produce a just and equitable outcome to resolve the climate crisis. Instead, it will provide us an unparalleled global platform for continuing to build a global anti-capitalist climate justice movement that is as radical as the future we face.

To this end, we are continuing to construct foundations for collaboration amongst grassroots groups and individuals. Thus we would like to invite you to our next meeting on 6-7 August, at the Bure camp ( ) to participate in expanding this international cooperation. The main objectives of the gathering will be to continue developing our concrete plans of actions for Paris, and to include more people and grassroots groups in the discussion - particularly from France and those attending the Bure camp. So, please reach out and forward this call-out to grassroots groups and individuals who you feel should be a part of this.

Through our last four gatherings we’ve agreed on a name for our network — CLIMATE JUSTICE ACTION — are launching our website ( ), and agreed on a common ground for collective actions and civil disobedience initiatives. We’ve identified four broad common objectives for our joint efforts in the run up to Paris and beyond:

1. Democratise the climate discourse and expand the focus from climate change to system change;
2. Emphasise the real potential of alternatives and confront the broken system of capitalism with acts of creative civil disobedience;
3. Celebrate unity in diversity;
4. Paris will be an empowering, galvanising experience which continues to build our movement and amplify the voices of affected communities, through and beyond 2015.

And, within this framework, we have agreed to focus on corporate power, its destructive activities, its influence on political decisions, and its active blocking of real solutions towards systemic change.

If you would like to attend the gathering, or have any questions, please email us at:

The clock is ticking. Let’s change the dynamics of power together and lay the foundations for harmonious social and ecological relationships that we desperately need in the face of climate catastrophe!

*Save the date: (10am) Thursday 6th August to (7pm) Friday 7th August in Bure camp, France. *(It is recommended to plan to arrive sometime on 5th August to allow time to reach the camp and settle in).

The agenda outline will be sent out soon. Some practical info:

- *More info on Bure camp**: *
- *Transport*: the camp is in an isolated place and far from the train station ( ). More info will follow on ride sharing or pick-ups from the nearest train station
- *Sleeping*: Camping in a field so bring the usual things like tents, sleeping bags, mats, etc.
- *Translation*: will be available. Please make yourself known if you can help with translation.
- *Food*: will be vegan—prix libre/free price (suggested donations)
- *Communications*: There will be a media tent with wi-fi
- *Facilitation*: The meeting will be facilitated, you are welcome to join the small team of facilitators, please contact us for more details. Facilitation training will take place on the 4 or 5 August at the camp.

Contact number: +33667601901 Contact email: