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Call out for support from the Hambach Forest !

Saturday 16 January 2016

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Dear friends,

if you’ve following the Hambach Forest blog ( you might read about the things RWE is planning to do in the next two last month of cutting season (january & february 2016). If not read the following alerted.

In the passed three month they already cut down a lot of the forest and three People sat in jail for 1 1/2, one even for 2 1/2 month.
Fortunately they are out again.
But the cutting season is not finished jet and it will go on until the end of February 2016! Officially we know that they’re planning to build two pumpstations to pump away the groundwater to continue the lignite mining of the biggest open cast mine in Europe and as well a station to take samples of the ground in "our" part of the forest (for those who know the forest: they wanna build one of the stations at the central (so called) jesus point!!!). Someone who might be an security-insider even wrote us that they want to cut half of the left bit of the forest which includes most of the current occupations!
Of course we’re not going to just look at them while they’re doing that.
If we want it or not, escalation is most likely. We already build a platform in the trees they wanna cut. But unfortunately we are not many people to defend the forest directly! So we’re desperately asking for people to come here and involve them self in any way! We need people who are up for keeping them from coming into the forest, for occupying the platforms and treehouses, for thinking about what can be done to block them, for keeping the infrastructure on the meadow running, for telling others about the situation (directly and with spreading flyers and doing informationevents) ...
please think about if you’re able to come during these two month (and do if possible!), maybe even with a group of comrades!
From the 22.-31. of January there is also a actionweek but we need people here during the whole period so don’t put much more attention to the actionweek than to the whole two month.
And please spread the word!

If you have questions just ask, if you have e-mail encryption even better, my key is attached to this mail!

By the way, I didn’t saw most of you for quite a while so; how are you lovely people?! (Sorry for using such a this unpersonal way but if I’m writing you anyway...)

I hope to see you soon!
Love & rage & anarchy