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Tuesday 2 July 2019

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G7 BLOKATU is a collective of people opposed to the G7 summit which will take place in Biarritz from August the 24th to the 26th. Coming from the civil society or engaged activists, we carry with us the urgent need of a better world, at the opposite of the one represented by their summit.

Capitalism embodies itself in these seven Heads of State and their side-kicks who gather in the Basque Country. They will be bunkerised, (in)secure : far away from the people they don’t represent anymore. It’s time to show them that they’re alone, marginalized & that they belong to a time long gone.

Our goal will be to disturb the proper conduct of the G7 summit by doing massive civil desobedience actions aiming at blocking or hampering the circulation and transportation of people and goods involved in the summit. These actions, we’ll perform them according to what we are : solidary, creative and participative.

We won’t have any water cannon or armoured vehicule. We won’t use any rubbergun to blind people in one eye or hand-grenade to mutilate. Our only weapons will be our bare bodies, our believes, our determination and our solidarity in the action.

We call out for desobedience to the government imposed safety measures ; goverment who declares a state of siege and lawlessness on our land. We refuse to back up in front of their ignominous threats, we refuse fear and sadness. We fight for hope and we fight for joy.

Starting today, we invite all those who carry the hope of a better world to join us. Together, let’s create and organize actions to keep the powerful men of this World from strutting with complete impunity. Let’s stand on their ways in order to create other possible ones

People from here and elsewhere, you, us, may we be thousands to encircle them, to isolate them, to empeach them !

Violence is on their side, Justice is on our’s.