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Call to support (H)Activists who struggle for a different world

Sunday 7 June 2015

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On June 9, from 9 am at the criminal Court of Nancy, 3 people will be judged due to Anonymous attacks on evil companies and state sites. Some of these actions have been organized in response to the murder of Rémi Fraisse, at the occupation of Sivens, committed in October 2014 by the state and their puppets with a vain and pathetic attempt to cover up the facts. Other actions were carried out in support and in order to raise awareness of radical struggles and protest against unnecessary and imposed major projects (GPII), including landfill project Cigéo nuclear waste in Bure.

The sites in question: – http://www.lorraine.euhttp://www.meuse.frhttp://www.cigeo.comhttp://www.dechets-radioactives.comhttp://www.igdtp.eu

The state and its “justice” continue to condemn any opposition to emblematic projects and operations of a sick society corrupted by capitalism, while leaving total impunity the pests and rapists of our lives and our planet. The repression of the poor and all those that are struggling for a different world, becomes very obvious. Across Europe and the world, governments are attempting to silence those who have the means to share crucial information about our lives and our conditions within the fortresses they are building. Their goal is to neutralize those who do not hesitate to get in direct confrontation with the powerful, by means of subversion, demonstrations, occupations or sabotage, while imposing a reduced life as a subject and usable product . With the new laws (like the highly controversial one in france on intelligence), the State adopts new tools to expand and increase the suppression exponentially. A fascist and libertarian mechanism, posing in France as a “innovative” “democratic” republic. The terrorists are those states, that criminalize struggles, that repress legitimate actions, and those people in positions of power that kill, mutilate and humiliate the activists through the use of their military arm, which protect psychotic policymakers and kleptomaniac bosses and their leaders.

We must act now to take control of our existence, today, for our tomorrows. Lets occupy places of power and crush repression with our solidarity and our determination to create a different world! Do not let our struggles die at the doors of banks and unjust court houses! Let us be in solidarity with those who struggle for the people, showing them that they are not alone.

This is a call for decentralized actions against this unjust and imposed world, a call to revolt against the states and its machinery of repression, a call to support and gather in front of the Criminal Court of Nancy on June 9