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Accesso e contatti (en)

giovedì 26 aprile 2012

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If you’d like to visit, check out the travel tips below.

We are currently being evicted. When you arrive on the ZAD, you can go to the camp at La Rolandière (Notre-Dame).

There is people living there, so please be respectful and autonomous.

Access map

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Map of the occupied places

Travel tips

The ZAD is located about 20km north of Nantes, within the municipalities of Notre-Dame des Landes, Vigneux de Bretagne and Grandchamps.

Nantes is well connected by train with regular fast services to Paris. Check out the French national rail operator SNCF or use the german site which is great for finding international connections.

From Nantes you can catch the number 71 bus for 2 euros. Th buses stop quite early in the evening in which case you would have to hitch from the last Tram stop in the direction of Orvault.


If you are hitching check out to research possible hitching route/spots.

Nantes is in the west of France, 4 or 5 hour drive south west of Paris which is about 450km away and a pretty easy hitch. Calais is at least a good seven hours by road, 600 to 700km away and although it is possible to hitch in a day it is not unusual for it to take longer. Much nearer is St Malo, with ferries to/from Portsmorth, Weymouth, Plymouth and Poole in the UK, just 180km north of Nantes, about 2 hours by road.

You might like to checkout which will help you find lift shares to/from Nante etc.


If you will be driving, it is compulsory in France that you carry your driving licence, car registration papers and insurance documents. On non French registered vehicle, a sticker showing the country of origin must be attached to the vehicle, even if this is already indicated on the registration plate. If your vehicle is right-hand drive you are required to use headlight adapters (available as stickers). You are also required to carry a warning triangle and fluorescent safety vests (one for each person). It is compulsory to wear a seat belt front and rear.

Contact us

If you want to email us, use the address zad at riseup dot net (replace at with @ and dot with a dot ;-) Do not expect a quick reply!

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