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VINCI/Hochtief to Construct Bexhill-Hastings Link Road in England : Solidarity with those who occupy and protest against the road!

Thursday 10 January 2013

In the Southeast of England, the government plan to build a road between Bexhill and Hastings. They have given the contract for the road jointly to VINCI (im sure we all know who that is: ) and Hochtief (Germanys largest construction firm). "Chancellor George Osborne confirmed the provision of £56m in his Budget to support construction of the Bexhill to Hastings link road. A Hochtief/Vinci joint venture is in place to start construction." see ( )

But people are not going to let that happen just like that! Part of the route has already been occupied and there have been regular actions whenever the tree cutters have come to stop them from working. People have been climbing in the trees and seriously slowing the progress of work. After a break over christmas the cutting restarted the 7th of January and the protesters were ready.

there is a quote in schNEWS (brighton anarchist news ) : “We were up and ready for them at six this morning, before it got light. They were trying to cut trees to the north of the second camp. There are three big oaks there that they clearly wanted to fell but we pushed through the lines of security and got people into the trees”

A letter from HOCHTIEF-VINCI to ESCC Head of Planning (29th June 2012) details the projected timeline for the project. Accordingly, construction proper is intended to begin in January 2013 with fencing and clearing of the site. Due to seasonal constraints major earthworks and the building of ‘structures’ are not scheduled to begin until April 2013. The period of construction is expected to extend in to 2015 with subsequent aftercare.

Solidarity to those who are opposing this useless project and trying to defend the trees from the chainsaw. We all know that more roads means more traffic! Which we do not need in a world that is already saturated by toxic fumes. VINCI sticking their fingers into all the dirty work as usual scavenging for all the money and power they can get their hands on. FUCK OFF VINCI! FUCK OFF TORY GOVERNMENT ROADBUILDERS!

From the site of the occupants:

The tree camp on the route of the Bexhill Bypass has expanded. More treehouses and a tunnel have been made on the first site and a second area has been occupied with treehouses.

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Together we can stop the road and save the valley On the site you can find maps of how to get there and lots more information.

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