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Call for support of the fortification of La Grée

Wednesday 2 May 2018

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Call for support of the fortification of La Grée

After three weeks of the police operation of ZAD nddl, our struggle to resist continues even as others negotiate with the state.

The next wave if evictions is said to start on the 14th of May, but they continue to harrass us. We are surrounded almost every day; they come to destroy both permanent and moveable barricades, as well as our cabins. We are rebuilding them bigger and better, making barricades become cabins and walls of permaculture. To do this we need hands, ideas, energy and enthusiasm. We want to use this so called «peace » to prepare ourselves as best we can. We can provide food and sleeping places for anyone who comes to support us.

Come as many as you can and bring tools. You can find the list of tools needed attached here and on the Zad Nadir website.

Translator note : IF you do not speak any french, it is still possible to be involved. Just approach someonne with a radio as you arrive and let them know what language you speak, and we will connect you with people who can translate.

English List of tools for La Grée

- Pick axe (many many many, first tool to bring)
- Shovels, Spades
- Handles for Pick axe, shovels, spades ect.
- Mining Bars
- Sledge Hammer
- Pots, Pans
- Plastic Tubs to Wash dishes
- Scaffolding
- Scrap Metal
- Talkie Walkies
- Matresses
- Blankets
- Nails and Screws
- Fencing
- Hand Saw
- Tires
- Crow Bars
- Bolt Cutters
-  Motor Oil
- Metal wire
- String
- Cheap old cars for 150 euros from second hand
- Mirrors
- Wash Machine
- Brooms
- Black or Military Clothing
- Pallets
- Excercise Elastics
- Candles
- Laser Pointers
- Portable Speakers, (anything to make music you are not afraid to loose)
- Climbing Gear (Carabiner, Rope ect.)
- Paint
- Spray Paint
- Baloons
- Gas Bottles
- Aluminium Foil
- Gaz mask
- Oil
- Welding machine
- Radios
- Chairs
- Pulleys
- Jack hammer
- Fire extinguisher